Trump Recovers to Regain Election Betting Chalk Status

Trump Recovers to Regain Election Betting Chalk Status

April 23rd, 2020 Political Betting, Sportsbook

At the onset of the COVID-19 crisis did incumbent US President Donald Trump drop in odds. Joe Biden became a slight favorite for a brief period of time. However, Trump has recovered to reclaim the status as an election betting favorite against Biden. Between now and November 3 it’s likely that the odds will continue to fluctuate. Factors will include how long it takes to get the economy back up and running. The stock market and COVID-19 death tolls will also affect wagering. Also factoring into the price will be the faltering Biden himself.

US Presidential Election

When:Tuesday, November 3, 2020
Odds to Win 2020 Presidential Election:Donald Trump -150, Joe Biden Even, Bernie Sanders +2500, Nikki Haley +10000, Hillary Clinton +5000, Michelle Obama +10000, Field +1000
2020 Presidential Election Democrat Candidate:Joe Biden -1400, Bernie Sanders +2000, Hillary Clinton +2000
2020 Presidential Election Republican Candidate:Donald Trump -2500, Mike Pence +1200, Nikki Haley +3300

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2020 Election Betting Odds Analysis

Incumbent Presidents are extremely hard to beat. Consider that only five incumbents in history lost reelection. Since Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter in 1980 it has happened only once. Bill Clinton scored the sportsbook win over George HW Bush in 1992.

President Donald Trump Excels During COVID-19

Certainly, Trump faces a large opposition that despises him and wants him to fail. During the COVID-19 economic downturn “journalists,” Democrats, and celebrities all celebrated on Twitter. Counter to the haters is the largest and most loyal base in all of politics. If Trump can improve things between now and November, he stands a solid shot at reelection. He may also get unexpected help from the Democrats.

On the whole, Trump has gotten high marks for his performance during COVID-19. He was quick to cut the red tape of regulations for drug and equipment production. Trump quickly enlisted the business community to assist in COVID-19 efforts. Specifically, the term “Trump Time” emerged. Its meaning is that obstacles are removed and things get done FAST!

Biden’s Blunders

Former Vice President Joe Biden has alarmed many Democrats with his inability to communicate. He has been pulled off broadcasts due to his slurring and botching of words. Additionally, he has consistently failed to maintain a train of thought. Even the Trump haters admit Biden wouldn’t stand a chance in a debate against the President. As a result, Trump will likely continue as the election Betting favorite.

Trying to Keep a Lid on Allegations

Yet another factor that could derail Biden are multiple sexual assault allegations from former staffers. Most of all the Democrats are caught in considerable hypocrisy here. The same Democrats and “news” media that tried to destroy Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh have been silent about Biden. Even though the alleged Biden victims have stronger cases. Ironically enough it may be the Democrats that eventually turn loose on Biden with these accusations. Due to Biden’s faultiness and more attractive alternatives.

Cuomo to the Rescue?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had a failed record and low approval ratings until COVID-19. However, his performance during the crisis impressed Democrats. Starting with the fact that he can utter a coherent sentence during a press conference. In view of that Cuomo has emerged as a dream alternative to Biden. He would be able to step right in and be an upgrade over the former Vice President. If between now and July Biden continues to flounder Cuomo may emerge as the nominee.

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