Trump Favored for Close 2024 US Presidential Election

Trump Favored for Close 2024 US Presidential Election

The 2024 United States Presidential election is likely to be the most heated and controversial in modern history. Several Political betting odds factors could change the nominations of both major parties. And there is the possibility of independent and third-party candidates that could tip the balance. Especially in states where the margin of victory is already razor-thin. Of course, there is the possibility of war or economic downturn. Additionally, a weaponized legal system, another pandemic-type health scare (real or contrived), and the lack of election integrity laws could factor in 2024.

2024 US Presidential Election

Date:Tuesday, November 5, 2024.

2024 US Presidential Election Odds

Donald Trump+122
Joe Biden+198
Michelle Obama+1400
Nikki Haley+2500
Gavin Newson+3700
Robert Kennedy Jr.+4500
Kamala Harris.+8400
All Others+20000 or higher

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Overall, 2024 offers a level of offshore bookmaker unpredictability that makes for a challenging handicap.

Donald Trump Seeks Revenge

Since the night he was declared the loser of his 2020 reelection campaign, Trump has been scheming for a comeback win. Most objective observers believe that Trump had good policies that were effective for the country. One of former Democrat President Barrack Obama’s best friends, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, stated as much. To show, Dimon said he didn’t like how Trump said things but that Trump was right on all of his policies.

Trump has many hurdles to overcome, starting with Democrat Party lawfare. Specifically, the Democrats have weaponized the legal system. In turn, this tactic is tying up Trump’s time, energy, and financial resources. Even most of Trump’s enemies say that the entire process has become an absurdity. But lawfare has also backfired. Every time Trump gets indicted, his poll numbers go up.

However, Trump has another US election lines flaw that he can control but won’t. Trump has the continuous habit of “stepping into it” even when there is no need to do so. Trump’s bold, sometimes outlandish, and controversial statements turn away voters who might otherwise agree with and support him.

Joe Biden Tries To Spin Against the Obvious

At the onset, Joe Biden has the advantage of being the incumbent. Sitting presidents are incredibly difficult to defeat. Trump’s loss was due in large part to a pandemic that was not his fault. Also, there was media bias and fewer restrictions on voters who could mail-in ballots. The Democrats shamelessly harvested ballots, padding their totals. Especially in large cities. Certainly, they will do so again in 2024. By contrast, Republicans have not shown that they are prepared for such shenanigans.

The average voter feels the pinch of Biden’s weak economic record. To show, prices are significantly higher at the store, gas pump, and for daily living essentials than they were when Trump left office on January 20, 2021.

Equally important has been Biden’s wide-open border policy. Millions of un-vetted illegal aliens have been deliberately allowed into the United States in wanton violation of the law. Americans are increasingly angry about the Biden administration looking the other way at illegal immigration.

Election Integrity

In sum, Biden’s biggest asset and Trump’s biggest weakness is the lack of election integrity in the United States. It has always been accepted that the Democrats should get about a 3-point advantage in any election because of fraud, abuse, and harvesting. Democrats have viciously fought against all election integrity proposals. And there is an obvious reason for that. In a country that is split evenly, that could prove to be the difference.


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