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December 1, 2010 Political Betting

Political betting enthusiasts have been influenced lately by the selection of John McCain’s running mate, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.

The media has dealt a barrage of criticism surrounding McCain’s choice for Vice President. Since the beginning, the Republican angle on Obama was his lack of experience and his inability to lead as President.

The Democrats have a chance to turn the argument around on the Republicans, claiming that Sarah Palin has even less experience than the Republicans say Obama does. One thing people have lost sight of, is that the choice is between McCain and Obama, not Palin and Obama.

Though Governor Palin seems to outshine McCain as far as her strength, she’s not the Presidential candidate. While many people around the US are looking for Sarah Palin pictures, reading into her daughter’s pregnancy, and even looking up Sarah Palin in a swimsuit, we need to keep in mind that when you look at the political betting odds, it doesn’t say Sarah Palin anywhere.

That doesn’t mean count her out altogether, though. A candidate’s VP pick can influence their chances of winning or losing the election, but it is not the deciding factor. Maybe McCain was smart in choosing Palin because he knew the people would lose sight and see it as a Palin/Obama race.

Maybe he knew that her charisma would overpower Obama. What he probably didn’t expect was for her inexperience to backfire. Recently, in an interview, she was asked about whether she agreed with the Bush Doctrine.

For those unknowing, the Bush Doctrine states that America reserves the right to attack any country that poses a threat. Essentially, if a terrorist cell emerges in any country, Great Britain for example, with the purpose of attacking the US, the US has the right to invade and attack the terrorist cell in Great Britain.

Sarah Palin couldn’t answer because she did not know what the Bush Doctrine was. When explained to her, she danced around the question. This has been all over the news lately, and it could seriously influence the Republican Party’s ability to win the election.

So instead of looking for Sarah Palin in a swimsuit, why don’t you look up issues like Sarah Palin on National Security, or analyze Sarah Palin’s convention speech. Sure, we like being fed what to think, believing they’re our own thoughts, but let’s do ourselves a favor and learn to read between the lines.

Don’t listen to most of what’s in mainstream news because it’s mostly gossip. Read about their positions on issues and get the hard facts. Formulate your own opinion.

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