Religion and political betting in ‘08 at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 Political Betting

For any political betting fan that recalls the past two presidential elections, the power of the religious right must still be fresh on their minds.

But this year the demographics are much different heading into the political betting dates in the fall and the far right is but a fringe group. After all but making the presidency of George W. Bush the religious right will have little to do with crowning a winner in this year’s political betting for the presidency. In 2000 and 2004 the religious right wielded considerable power as a unified force behind the conservative apparatus that brought two terms to Bush and his administration in the online political betting.

But the political betting landscape is much different this time around and the electorate in the online political betting is much less unified in all sectors. But this is especially the case in the religious right as they seem a demographic without a political betting candidate. A major player in the past two online political betting battles for the presidency, the group has now all but fallen off the radar.

Of the two presumptive candidates for in the major political betting parties, neither seems all that appealing to the religious right. McCain, the Republican’s man would seem the most logical figurehead for his movement as the conservative party values of the Republicans in the political betting most closely matches that of the religious right. But McCain has long been an enemy of this group in online political betting contests for his stances on abortion and gun control.

Barak Obama on the other hand has proven entirely unpopular with this group in the ’08 political betting battle for his supposed liberal social views. The reality is that many voters in this sizeable political betting voting block with simply go with a third party candidate like Bob Barr or maybe even Ron Paul. And this would spell all but certain doom for the McCain candidacy in November when the political betting season draws to an end. If McCain can’t even win his own party in political betting action he we certainly fare much worse in the open election.

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