Political betting getting to frenzy pace at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 Political Betting

There are certain times during the political betting process that receive more general media attention than others.

August is not one of them and for the past few weeks the political betting campaign has been somewhat calm. However, as any student of the political betting process will tell you, that calm about to be shattered and the political odds coverage in the media will explode into an uncontrollable monster in just a few weeks.

The month of August has been the slowest month in the political betting process for quite some time. But don’t get to comfortable as it’s likely just the calm before the political odds storm that is set to erupt. This time of year is traditionally the point in the political betting process where candidates take deep breath and recharge or the almost non-stop whirl of political odds activity that is about to encompass their life in the run up to the political betting finale in November.

The political betting primaries have long been decided and until a candidate announces a VP candidate the political betting process is quite slow this time of year. The Olympics have also stolen much of the political betting duel’s thunder and much recent media attention has shifted from the race to the war in Georgia. But with both of those events coming to a conclusion the candidates are gearing up for a very long and very harrowing political betting media blitz in the weeks ahead.

The first major event on the horizon -in terms of political betting- is the announcement of a running mate. These announcements will likely be made before the political betting party conventions and since the Dems have theirs first, Obama will likely announce his VP first. Shortly after that the conventions will begin and the political betting machine will kicked into high gear. After that the political odds media machine will not slow for even a second until the political betting battle is ended in early November.

So if you thought that the political betting coverage was crazy before, you haven’t seen anything yet. Things are going to get even crazier so sit back and enjoy the political betting.

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