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The last presidential elections prompted political betting and online political betting to be one of the most popular searches among sportsbooks. It was a year where the presidential election betting wager race were especially exciting considering the fact that the dominating sides where two long shots that political odds makers gave zero chance of winning the presidential election betting wagers when the campaigning started.

Political betting fans watched as the elections betting heated up during the primary season and were shocked in many cases as one time long shots Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton managed to captivate their respective party’s voters and took the lead in the political betting to be the presidential nominees. Political betting pundits and most of the politics betting online community gave these two politicians a slim chance of dominating the politics betting discussion this late in the race.

Betting election odds presidential races are generally exciting affairs but this past election, at least on the side of the Democrats, political betting reached nearly unpredictable levels. Political betting fans might wonder what the betting line on the presidential election was one day, only to see the lines change overnight depending on the latest betting election odds presidential poll.

Trump and Clinton both did their part to make the betting election odds presidential race a tight one as they headed into 2016 giving the bettors a lot to think about and have fun with.  In the GOP the political race was dominated by Donald Trump who took a good lead at the polls for months in a row. The odds of a complete outsider to presidential elections and the political system itself winning the nomination would have been almost miniscule a year ago, but Trump was such an inspiring figure on the campaign trail that the political betting odds makers greatly favored him in his quest for the White House.  Against all odds, he was elected President of the United States and is now sitting as the Oval Office.

No one knows what the next Presidential Elections betting odds will bring, however one thing is for sure, one can expect anything to happen when it comes to political betting. Despite of how the Russians might have intervened, or how the media paid more attention to Donald’s treatment of women, political betting will never be the same after these past elections.  SBGGlobal will keep up the odds for the next race to come and together we can have some fun at picking the next commander in chief.

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US Politics Articles

Digesting The Results of this Year’s Election

October 7th, 2019 Political Betting

US Presidential Election is in the booksThe online wagering community is all too familiar with blindsiding surprises. After all, 2016 has been chock-full of them. Very few people actually expected the Cleveland Cavaliers to come back from a 3-game deficit, and even fewer people anticipated the Chicago Cubs historic resurgence. But this past Tuesday night, the betting world was treated to a shock that left us all in a deep state of stupefaction. Early Wednesday morning, the results could no longer be denied and it was clear that Donald Trump had become the 45th president-elect of the United States of America.

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Controversy Ridden Elections

October 16th, 2019 Political Betting

2016 US Presidential Election – Winning Party OddsFans of online betting are used to betting lines featuring sports teams the top sportsbooks available on the web are offering wagers on the US presidential election. While most online betting fans are looking to get away from politics but the select few who think they know which candidate will be moving into the white house. The elections will take place on the second Tuesday in November as is tradition. This year that date will fall on November 8th and it’s anyone’s guess who will come out as the next President of the United States. Let’s take a look at the sportsbooks and see who they favor to win this year’s nomination.

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Historic Politics Betting Odds 2016

October 22nd, 2019 Political Betting

Politics Betting Odds 2016 Politics betting odds 2016 have two sided to consider. On one side we have a candidate who in June of last year no one knew was going to run for president and having NO elective office experience he took on 16 other candidates and came out triumphant. His historical success in the world of politics and hitting 14 million votes is something that you just cannot ignore.  He changed the way people look at politics. Running against the odds and political correctness that been haunting Americans for years.  Donald Trump has surfaced against all odds as the Republican Candidate for the Primary presidential elections of the United States.

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Any Third Parties Playing Around In the 2016 Presidential Election?

December 12th, 2019 Political Betting

Donald Trump speakingMany betting lines for the presidential election are often impacted by third party candidates. From Ross Perot in 1992 to Ralph Nader in 2000, many third party candidates have impacted the election in some way, thus making it easier for betting lines to be influenced in some way.

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How Many US Presidential Candidates Will There Be?

January 6th, 2020 Political Betting

2016 US election stickerThe 2016 American Presidential race will be exciting but at the same time there will be loads of different candidates. It is a long way before November 8, 2016, but there are lots of candidates to watch for.

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Next Prime Minister Political Odds

July 14th, 2020 Political Betting

Next Prime Minister Political OddsPolitics may or may not be a game of chance, but either way there is political betting, for instance as to who will be England’s next Prime Minister. Here are the top contenders.

Ed Miliband (4/5). Holds the record for youngest Leader of the Labour Party, being 40 when he assumed leadership of the party, at which time he also automatically became Leader of the Opposition. Miliband has described himself as a new type of politician, and as such has expressed support for gay and lesbian marriage.

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