Historic Politics Betting Odds 2016

October 22nd, 2019 Political Betting

Politics betting odds 2016 have two sided to consider. On one side we have a candidate who in June of last year no one knew was going to run for president and having NO elective office experience he took on 16 other candidates and came out triumphant. His historical success in the world of politics and hitting 14 million votes is something that you just cannot ignore.

He changed the way people look at politics. Running against the odds and political correctness that been haunting Americans for years.  Donald Trump has surfaced against all odds as the Republican Candidate for the Primary presidential elections of the United States.

On the other hand you have a candidate who has been an iconic face in politics since her husband Bill Clinton was elected POTUS. Hillary Clinton was first Lady of Arkansas before being First Lady of the United States. Then she moved on to being by her husband’s side in the oval office, then senator of New York and last but not least Secretary of State.   So we can say she has been around.  Granted, there is the email controversy and a few other deals that tainted her image, however she is highly favored to with the primary elections in the politics betting odds.

Hillary Clinton -350
Donald Trump +250

There are few rallies and debates to happen before Tuesday, the 8th of November 2016, and we are sure that this will be an aggressive race where both candidates will search for each other’s weaknesses and exploit them to their full capacities. At the moment there seems to be divided opinions.

Donald Trump is popular for promising a change after so many years of the same Obama deals. He has triggered controversy in most of his talking points but the main one is his approach towards terrorism and a possible discriminatory ban on muslims. He plans to build a wall to stop immigrants from coming into the Unites States. However he is scary for his radical ideals and many believe he will harm the country more than “making it great again” as he claims he will.

Hillary on her end has a lot of supporters because she is a girl, because she is not Donald Trump, and because people rather stick with the old (as she would have a similar approach as Barack Obama) and not put the lives of American people on the line with a crazy radical Republican. However thousands of Americans want a change in the White House.

It is unclear what will happen on these primaries, but one thing is for sure: This will be a history race as either Hillary becomes the first woman president or Mr. Trump wins. To bet on the politics betting odds, stayed tuned at how the line moves at SBG Global as the final dates approach.

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