Hillary losing in political betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 Political Betting

Political betting pundits have cancelled Hillary’s quest to win the presidential election betting wager as her party’s presidential nominee.

She had lost a string of political betting primaries, 11 to be precise, and her once commanding lead in the political betting had been wiped out and Barak Obama’s campaign was surging. But with a near double-digit win key state Pennsylvania and several issues dogging Obama in the headlines, her presidential election betting wager hopes are alive once again.

Political betting odds can shift without a moment’s notice and that is what makes the process so appealing. For political betting fans that had written off Hillary and her campaign, they must now recalculate their political betting position considering her recent momentum. All election betting experts had long expected Hillary to carry Pennsylvania as she had led by as much as 20% in many of the preliminary presidential election betting wager polls. So the win was hardly surprising but her campaign was able to spin the political betting victory into a huge gain, amplifying its affect across the country and seriously impacting the political betting scene.

At present, Clinton still has little hope of coming out on top in the political betting. But if she can win Indiana, an important state in its own right, and somehow steal North Carolina from Obama, it would give her sizeable momentum in the political betting. She could them use this political betting success as leverage in her race to gain the support of super delegates. Although, that will be a very difficult challenge as well, as her once commanding lead in this category has been greatly reduced. In fact, Obama has nearly pulled even with her in this political betting category as numerous super delegates, under party directive, have thrown their support his way.

But not all is lost for Hillary in regards to the political betting. If anything, we’ve seen that she’s a survivor and she won’t be counted out until the final bell rings. Senator Clinton still faces a huge uphill battle in the political betting odds, but with her recent success she has kept hope alive for her campaign, however slim, and given political betting fans something to think about.

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