President Holds Trump Card with Gamblers - Political betting 2020

Democrats Dive to the Left Increases Trump’s Political Betting Appeal

August 28th, 2019 Online Gambling, Political Betting

At the onset of the Democrat race for President many saw Republican incumbent Donald Trump as quite vulnerable.  Affluent suburban women and their compliant husbands have no stomach for the tweets.  Democrats have a level of hatred against the President that is seen as a motivational asset.  Initially Trump was not the Political betting chalk to win the 2020 election.  Yet he has now emerged as an even money favorite to be re-elected.  It was said the only people that could beat the Democrats in 2020 were Democrats.  It follows that is exactly what’s happening.

President Holds Trump Card with Gamblers

Extending Democrat frustration is the current 2020 Presidential Election online gambling odds.  President Trump is even money to win re-election in 2020.  Joe Biden is the top Democrat pick at +500.  Following Biden is Elizabeth Warren at +650, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris +1000 and Pete Buttigieg +1400.  Andrew Yang has climbed to +2500 with Tulsi Gabbard at +4000.  Next is Corey Booker +6000, Mike Pence +8000, with Beto O’Rourke, Julian Castro and Nikki Haley at +1000.

Trump’s Assets

On the whole its hard to find a President that was more loved and despised than Donald Trump.  His opponent’s hatred of him has made them irrational in the eyes of many Americans.  Trump also boasts the largest and most committed base in politics.  Crowd sizes and TV ratings for his rallies dwarf all others.  Most important of all he has the Political Betting asset of the best economy in 50 years.  As a matter of fact, the economy is so great that Democrats can’t talk about it.  Trump nauseates millions of voters yet the economy negates much of that.

The Democrats Box

The economy is the one thing that “Trumps” all of the arguments against the President.  That is why voters may end up holding their noses and voting for Trump in spite of his ways.  Democrats have resorted into screaming about “racism,” “white nationalism,” and “white supremacy.”  To many voters this is a tell that they don’t have much to offer voters.  Consider such leading Democrats as David Axelrod critiquing the current contenders.  Axelrod said on CNN that the candidates are promising the American people things that they clearly don’t want.  It follows that the race issue is pushed to the forefront.

Harris Sliced and Diced

At the onset of the second debate Tulsi Gabbard went on the attack against Kamala Harris.  Gabbart laid out a devastating case about Harris’ hypocrisy and shallow campaign.  Following Harris’ brutal attacks on Joe Biden in the first debate she emerged as a favorite.  But Gabbard pummeled Harris so effectively that she lost her top tier chalk status.  As a result, Elizabeth Warren emerged as Biden’s top threat.

Gaffe Machine

Meanwhile former Vice President Biden has been reminding voters why he is known as the ultimate gaffe machine.  The week of August 3-10 he made one embarrassing misstatement after another.  He often came off as confused and short tempered.  Younger Democrats are running out of patience with Biden.


To begin with Elizabeth Warren is best known in Political betting circles as “Pocahontas.”  That because of the scandal of her literally lying about being an American Indian to get a teaching Job at Harvard.  Democrats like that she comes off as sharp to some.  But one can only imagine the incoming insults about that scandal if she emerges as the challenger to Trump.

The Missing Candidate?

Of great concern to Democrats and their allies in the media is that none of their candidates has emerged to show leadership or a vision.  In view of Democrat leaders themselves stating this a new candidate could yet emerge.

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