Barr: political betting McCain’s nightmare at SBG Global

August 25th, 2017 Political Betting

Most political betting fans could be forgiven for not knowing who Bob Barr is.

Why he’s important to this year’s political betting process for the presidency. While Barr has absolutely no shot of winning the online political betting competition for the presidency, he can certainly see to it that John McCain does not win the political betting either.

Bob Barr is a now, but most accounts, obscure former Congressman from Georgia who has been out of eye of public online political betting media for many years. However, induced by a group of influential conservatives, Barr has come out of the private sector and thrown his hat into the political betting ring. To be specific Barr will represent the Libertarian Party in he political betting process in November. If this sounds like an odd political betting pairing, it is. Most online political betting analysts have described it as a marriage of convenience that boosts both parties’ public profile.

Not much is known about Bob Barr other than he has an ultra conservative record in Congress and he once licked chest off a woman to “raise money for Leukemia” at a public event. Oh, and John McCain is scared to death of Barr and what he mean to his chances in the online political betting.

Make no mistake Barr is a deeply flawed candidate and there is absolutely no way that would win the presidential political betting unless all the other candidates in the political betting competition were to drop out of the race. But he does have the ability to steal conservative votes that may have otherwise gone to McCain if Barr has not entered the online political betting process. Many political betting pundits have likened it to the effect that Ralph Nader had on Al Gore’s political betting hopes in 2000.

Barr has polled well for a third party candidate and many political betting surveys’ show him winning 6% of the vote nationwide and in some political betting states, taking double figures. This is not good goof news for McCain, but he no shot of winning the conservative voters in the political betting in any event and blaming Barr is simply an act of scapegoating.

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