2020 Presidential Election Early Betting Preview

2020 Presidential Election Early Betting Preview

November 8th, 2018 Political Betting

The 2018 Midterm Elections have come and gone, which means that the political betting world will now shift its focus to the 2020 Presidential Election. Naturally, things haven’t changed much for the Republicans, seeing as how Donald Trump is still the sitting president. More often than not, sitting presidents always vie for a second term, and therefore President Donald Trump is and will be the odds on favorite in the online sportsbook market to win the 2020 Presidential Elections. So to help out those eager players, we’ve assembled a 2020 Presidential Election early betting preview. Take a look.

2020 Presidential Election Early Betting Preview

Obviously there will be  more betting options on the opposing party, since we at this time do not know who the Democrats will end up picking to challenge Donald Trump. There have been a lot of rumblings from the Democrats and there’s no question they’ll be looking for a better suited candidate than Hillary Clinton. Not that Clinton wasn’t qualified for the position, it’s just that it’s no secret that the majority of the country did not resonate with the selection. Particularly when some revealing things came out about the inner workings of the party that resulted in her beating Bernie Sanders, who was unequivocally the best person to challenge Trump.

The close senate race in Texas, which saw Republican Ted Cruz narrowly beat Beto O’Rourke, has led to some Democrats coming out in support for an O’Rourke presidential campaign. In truth, O’Rourke gave Cruz the closest race in that seat’s history, so there’s definitely reason to support him. After all, he was running in Texas, what is considered to be the reddest state in the nation.

However, some questionable news has come out regarding voter fraud in the state. Although the allegations have yet to be confirmed, there are voting attendees on camera admitting that some fraudulent activity has taken place. This is to be taken with a grain of salt, but it’s important to be informed when putting money on the line. If O’Rourke wanted to beat Trump, he would need the entire nation to back him. And judging by Trump’s approval rating, that’s easier said than done.

Nevertheless, Beto is still perceived as a young up-and-comer for the Democratic party. On top of that, his grassroots campaign pulled in a historic amount of funds and is likely to resonate with the Bernie crowd. Whether or not political betting fans think that’s enough to make an early sports betting prediction on Beto is an entirely different affair.

2020 Presidential Election Odds

The odds as of right now are strongly in Trump’s favor, which is to be expected. Kamala Harris is apparently No. 2, which is a huge shocker. Beto comes in 3rd, slightly above Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden which is also surprising.  Although the odds don’t seem to be giving Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez much of a shot, it wouldn’t be shocking to see her backing grow as we head towards 2020. She’s a fresh, young face that clearly knows how to resonate with the younger people of the party – something Clinton certainly couldn’t do. Ultimately if she can get a backing from Sanders, she could be one of the biggest threats to anyone trying to win the Democratic Party.

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