Celebrities Hoped to be Crowned WSOP 2008 Winner at SBG Global

WSOP 2008 winner was a prestigious title that over 6000 people hoped to have bestowed on them.

Back in July, the first tables opened up. Over the next 11 days, players would battle it out in the hopes to reach the WSOP 2008 final table and be crowned WSOP 2008 winner.

WSOP 2008 winner was a title not only regular players coveted, but celebrities as well. They don’t always do as well as the professionals, though.

This year, quite a few celebs from film, music, and sports participated in the tournament to be declared WSOP 2008 winner. Among them was controversial baseball star José Canseco. Fortunately, to become the WSOP 2008 winner you don’t need to be very physically strong; steroids not required. Canseco was eliminated in the first day.

The legendary Larry Flynt also took a crack at becoming the WSOP 2008 winner by fighting his heart out at a chance to reach the WSOP 2008 final table. Unfortunately, he also was eliminated on the first day. The king of Hustler couldn’t seem to hustle his way through to the prize.

Also eliminated from the fight for a seat at the WSOP 2008 final table was former UFC fighter Chuck Liddell. With a record of 27 fights (21 wins 6 losses), he’s lucky this isn’t mixed martial arts. This would have constituted a 7th loss for him. He didn’t make it to become WSOP 2008 winner this time around. Putting the dealer in a triangle choke won’t quite get him where he wants to go.

Actor Mekhi Phifer also had his shot at becoming the WSOP 2008 winner. And he was also eliminated the first day.

WSOP 2008 winner was a title Ray Romano, from the show “Everybody Loves Raymond” also appeared. He outlasted the other celebrities and got one day closer to the WSOP 2008 final table but was eliminated on the second day. Everybody might love Raymond, but he should have focused more on winning over Lady Luck.

Amidst all the celebrities, one man emerged as the WSOP 2008 winner, and became a celebrity that same night. Peter Eastgate, alias Icegate, overtook Russian professional poker player Ivan Demidov with a wheel, or an ace to five straight, against Demidov’s two pair. So finally, though current celebrities did not quite make it to the finish line, one man emerged from the crowd and became both a celeb and the WSOP 2008 winner.

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