2011 MLB Season Has Been Full Of Online Wager Surprises So Far

May 30, 2011 Online Wagering

Spring is in the air, trees are sprouting leaves, birds are singing, the sun is shining and anyone that’s been making online wagers on MLB baseball is most likely pulling their hair out and cursing their luck.

Needless to say, the 2011 MLB season is off to a wild and in many ways unpredictable start.  With 22 games in the bag and the month of April drawing to a close things are starting to look a little more normal in some ways (Yankees are back on top of the AL East, 12-8) but in other aspects the game just keeps on getting crazier (the Colorado Rockies and the Florida Marlins have the best record in baseball).

That last bit might be the most surprising thing so far in the 2011 MLB online wagering.  The Colorado Rockies, at least on paper, were not a team to contend with coming into the season.  They had a good starting pitcher or two, but the offense was a bit of a question mark and the roster looked a bit thin on talent.  Same could be said for the Marlins, a team that made some questionable moves in the offseason and appeared to get worse over the winter. 

However, anyone that’s made an online wager against these teams has likely paid the consequences.  The Rockies are 16-7 and the Marlins 15-7, both lead in their respective divisions (NL West, NL East).  For the Marlins this is especially impressive considering they play in the NL East with the Phillies (15-8) dynamo pitching staff.

The most unlikely division leader, though, could be the Cleveland Indians who haven’t had a winning record since Charlie Sheen was coming out of the bullpen in the movie Major League.  But with a 14-8 record this team has one of the biggest division leads in baseball (2.5 games), which perhaps even more surprisingly, is over the 2nd place KC Royals (12-11).

But for anyone making online wagers on traditional powerhouse teams there has been some predictability this season as well.  The Yankees are back on top in the AL East with the Rays (11-11) just 2.0 games back in the AL East.  The AL West the defending league champions, the Texas Rangers are back on top as well (14-9).

There’s still plenty of baseball left to be played but if the first 6 weeks are anything to go by this could be a very wild and unpredictable season.