Nba Online Wager Action Could Be Greatly Affected by 2010

December 1st, 2010 Online Wagering

The biggest story in NBA betting over the past few years has had little to do with on the court action and if you’re looking to make an online wager on NBA action you may find the basketball betting landscape greatly altered after this summer.

The storyline that everyone has been breathless about for more than a year is of course the impending free agency period coming up on July 1st.

Every off season there’s a free agency period but in the summer of 2010 the online wagering community is taking particular note as it’s arguably the most talented class of free agents in NBA betting history.

Anyone that has ever made online wager on NBA odds is surely all too aware that some of the best basketball players on the planet are going to free agents in a few weeks which means that they have the opportunity to sign with any team they want to in the NBA online wagering action.

It’s hard to say whether this is a good development or a bad development for fans that like to make online wagers, but one thing is for sure: the impending free agency is going to have a profound effect on the NBA betting next season.

The biggest prize in the free agency market is King James.  Front page stories about where he might end up next season were already being printed even before the NBA betting regular season was over.  Now that the Cavs have been booted from the NBA playoff betting action the speculation has been nonstop.         

But LeBron is hardly the only talented player with options.  Obviously, wherever team James goes to will be an instant contender and fans placing online wagers should take note of.  But Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade, Raptors forward Chris Bosch, Suns star Amare Stoudamire, Hawks guard Joe Johnson and many other big names in the online wagering scene are available to the highest bidder as well.

And with all that talent available for the right price franchises with deep enough pockets will be in a great position to buy themselves a winner.  Teams like the Miami Heat, New York Knicks and other NBA betting franchises have been working to get cap space in the summer of 2010 for years and now that the time has finally arrive they’re looking to go on a shopping spree.  As a result fans will be able make an online wager on a handful of instant contenders in the upcoming basketball betting season.

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