November Elections Present Interesting Offshore Wagering Opportunities

December 1st, 2010 Online Wagering

In a natural evolution of offshore wagering activity national elections have now become hot wagering topics online sites.

And why not?  Elections are perhaps the most bitterly contested competitions anywhere in the world and in many instances even put sporting events to shame.  With that type cut throat competition it’s only natural that elections would become such a focus of online betting activity.

And certainly the results are much more important and much more meaningful than any sporting even outcome.

On the second Tuesday of the first full week in November online wagering companies can expect a slew of activity as the US holds its bi-annual national elections for seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate.  These elections are big new any year they’re held but this year they seem to have even more significance than usual as there several unusual factors at play.

Perhaps the most intriguing element of the election process this year is the emergence of a third movement, the Tea Party.  Traditionally, only the Republican and Democratic candidates have had any real impact on any races of national importance as these parties are well financed and have vast networks operating across the country.  But heading into this election season online wagering companies have had to include Tea Party candidates among the contenders in their betting lines as this grass roots movement has grown into prominence.

Technically an offshoot of the Republican Party, the Tea Party movement is conservative in its platform but has had no qualms about beating taking down established members of the Republican Party in Primaries this year.  Indeed, the Tea Party could be Republicans worst nightmare in the General Elections as the two seem to competing for the same votes, as indicated in many offshore wagering betting lines.

Aside from the emergence of a “third” party, this national election is also interesting because it’s possible that control of Congress could switch hands if incumbents are rejected wholesale –as many analysts have predicted.  Although this angle is often overplayed in the media, this year it could ring true as the economy remains relatively stagnant and unemployment has slightly increased.

Anyway you look at it, this should be one of the most interesting, and well-covered election event by the online wagering companies, that we’ve ever seen.

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