MLB Playoffs Online Wagering

September 25, 2013 Online Wagering

Less than a week before Major League Baseball goes into post-season mode (and the Internet into MLB online wagering mode) there are still teams fighting to clinch a wild card spot in the playoffs.

On the other hand, there might be some surprising absences that are not really that surprising, like the New York Yankees, and of course last year’s World Series winners the San Francisco Giants. Due to their history, the Yankees are perennial favorites, but fans are not unaccustomed to disappointment every few years or so. As for the Giants, they did nothing but continue the 13-year-and-counting tradition in which the reigning champion will not be able to defend the title in October.


Among the squads that are not only in the playoffs but have a pretty good chance of going all the way, we have the Atlanta Braves, the Boston Red Sox, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Oakland Athletics, and the St Louis Cardinals. As of September 23, the Las Vegas online wagering odds of winning the World Series for each of those teams were 8/1 for the Braves, 7/2 for the Red Sox, 5/2 for the Dodgers, 8/1 for the A’s, and 6/1 for the Cardinals.

The Bravos ended up with the best record in the National League (92-63), allowing them to win the East title for the first time in 8 years. The BoSox secured the American League East championship by being the best overall team in every area in the diamond. The Boys in Blue clinched the playoffs before any other team, and then rested on their laurels, but they still have vast pitching resources to draw from. The White Elephants have more than enough players to rotate, and manager Bob Melvin will have a hard time choosing from them, which is not at all bad. Finally, The Redbirds can always fall back on the speed of their runners in order to score big.

While these are most likely the best online wagering picks in the World Series Races, we shouldn’t write off the teams that might still make it; no one can really tell when an underdog can give a powerhouse team a run for their money.

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