College Football: Online Wagering Bowl Predictions

June 20, 2014 Online Wagering

We are months away from Kick off from College Football season, but lets take a look on how the upcoming season is looking and how online wagering will shape up this year. You might think it is a bit too soon to start making predictions and such, but when it comes to wagering online, experts will tell you, there is not such thing as over preparing.

Odds began getting posted on who will the National Championship game for this season, hours after Florida State beat Auburn. So, making predictions, and starting making your picks on the upcoming season is not such a far-fetched idea.  However, starting making your predictions certain factors can come into play later, like for example, we can´t be sure on how the College Football Playoff selections committee is going to pick which four teams will get into the playoffs and which eight teams are going to get slotted into the other four. But all things considered here are some of our predictions.

Starting with the Fiesta Bowl, with this new playoff system guarantees a spot for the best rated team form the leagues, we have to guess this bowl will be going to Boise State vs UCLA. Now, some pundits have leaned over to think that the Bruins have what it takes to steal this hypothetical game, but we believe Boise will come on top.

Then, for the Orange Bowl, and all possible factors considered on the new way the playoff system is now structured, we have to incline that this Bowl will include Alabama vs North Carolina. Why North Carolina? They are projected to be one of the best teams this coming season, but the Crimson Tide will prove to be too much for NC to handle. So if you are wagering online, this match up could be interesting.

Now, The Cotton Bowl. This game is one that get highly regarded by fans that are wagering online. And we are going to go with our gut on this and say that we are predicting that we will see Oklahoma vs Ohio State. This matchup will be one for the ages and one that is long overdue. When the time comes, we are expecting Ohio State to come on top.

For the biggest game of them all. The National Championship, to be played in Jan 12th, 2015, we are predicting an epic game between Florida State and Michigan State. Considering that this match up almost happened last season. Both teams have the coaching and talented rosters to produce both excellent seasons. The result of the game? If we have to pick right now, we say Michigan State.

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