Triple Crown in sports gambling at SBG Global

December 16th, 2021 Online Gambling

Sports gambling is full of records and achievements. Among the various online gambling accomplishments the baseball triple crown is one of the most hallowed accomplishments that an individual player can achieve in sports gambling.  This season sports gambling fans have been especially blessed as players threaten to reach the triple crown in not one, but both leagues in the majors.

Sports gambling has gone many years since it last say a player achieve one of the most hallowed triumphs in our national pastime, and during the era of online gambling no player has even really come close.  Albert Pujols has gotten off to roaring starts in several of his sports gambling seasons, as has A-Rod but they’ve cooled off or been injured and they’ve never carried any real triple crown threat past July.  But this year, in mid-June, it seems a very real possibility that online gambling fans might see at least one triple crown won.

In the National League Larry Berkman has been on fire and is putting together the best sports gambling season of his very distinguished career.  His stats this far a very gaudy .382 batting average, 48 runs driven in and 17 homers hit -all within the top three in these sports gambling statistical categories.  He has slid in and out of holding the top spot in these online gambling stats and has quite regularly led the NL in all three stats simultaneously.  Berkman’s biggest challenge in wrapping up this amazing sports gambling achievement will be the batting average race where Chipper Jones is putting together one of the finest hitting seasons sports gambling fans have seen in decades.

In the American League Josh Hamilton has become the feel good story of the year and looks poised to wear sports gambling’s triple crown of baseball.  While his stats are more or less on par with Berkman’s, he finds himself leading the AL in homers, average and RBIs.  Batting around .330 with 17 homers and an eye-popping 67 RBIs this guy is a compelling sports gambling story both on and off the field.  He has overcome drug and alcohol addictions and is now finally living up to his sports gambling potential.

By all accounts these two men face very long sports gambling odds, but it seems more likely that Hamilton will reach the triple crown ahead of Berkman.


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