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December 1, 2010 Online Gambling

It’s been a very long time, perhaps never, since the US national team was expected to be much of a factor at an international sports gambling soccer event.

But that is starting to change, thanks to a group of talented young players coming up the ranks and many a gambling site visitor recons that the US could actually become an international sports gambling power within the next few years.  The ultimate goal for this squad and one many sports gambling pundits believe possible is to go further then a US team has ever gone in a World Cup field in 2010.

The team’s boyish captain and deeply experienced international sports gambling star, Landon Donovan, recently notched 100 caps in international sports gambling competition has plenty of experience in such matters.  Having played several years in Europe he’s keenly aware of the competition levels in international sports gambling and will bring a helpful perspective to this side.

But many of the players on the current US sports gambling squad play in European leagues and are accustomed to seeing top competition week in and week out and most gambling site analysts expect this to have a huge impact on the team’s performance.  The team has a trio of young stars that hungry and experienced and on par with any almost any offensive talent to found on the international sports gambling scene.

Young prodigy Freddie Adu is finally old enough to play in Europe and has found his spot playing in Portugal, something that will pay huge dividends when it comes to international gambling events like the World Cup.  Although slight in stature, gambling site fans have seen what he can do on the field and last year’s under-20 World Cup should be prove enough that he go up against any competition in a sports gambling tournament.

His partners in crime are lethal striking duo, Jozy Altidore and Eddie Johnson.  Both players are in Europe and they should see their development sky-rocket playing against top level sports gambling competition week in and week out.  Altidore should especially benefit and some top gambling sites even expect him to become one of the top strikers in the world.

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