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December 1, 2010 Online Gambling

Sports gambling is full of uncertainties. But when it comes to gambling and big time professional sports about the surest thing around in the sports gambling odds is Tiger Woods.

Although he’s been side-lined for nearly two months rehabbing an ailing knee, he looks poised to play in the US Open and by all sports gambling accounts, win it.

Sports gambling odds makers automatically pencil in Woods as the favorite at any sports gambling event that he plays in. He simply dominates the sport in a way that no other athlete in any other sports gambling activity does. Even if Tiger were to have both arms amputated sports gambling fans would likely see him atop the gambling odds. And so, contrary to the situation with most athletes coming off major knee surgery, Tiger will of course be sports gambling favorite to win the US Open and his name will surely be atop the golf gambling odds.

Most of this high regard for Woods’ ability to win sports gambling events is his own incredible talent. But even the best in the game must be rusty after such a long layoff from sports gambling competition and the other part of the equation putting him atop the gambling odds has to do with the relative weakness of his competition.

Over the past decade there have only been two players to seriously challenge Woods on the sports gambling scene and after a short battle Woods regained his sports gambling edge. As of right now, there is no one even on the radar screen that appears able to challenge Woods for supremacy of the sports gambling odds. And while that might seem like a bad thing to some sports gambling fans, it’s also a very compelling element for many other gambling fans. Rarely do sports gambling fans find a dominating champ compelling but in Woods case, he’s so dominating that he borders on perfection and there is nothing that sports gambling fans love more.

With the US Open just around the corner and Tiger on the mend, expect him to come out on top of the sports gambling odds at the second Major of the season. Even though he’ll be hobbling a bit, the tournament will be held at Torrey Pines, his favorite course on the planet, and that will be yet another sports gambling advantage for the greatest player on the planet.

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