Redick’s $19 Million Dollar Deal Surprises Online Gambling Fans

December 21st, 2021 Online Gambling

Online gambling fans are wondering how a player goes from being nearly out of the NBA to earning $19 million dollars. The Orlando Magic signed J.J. Redick to a three-year deal worth $19 million dollars.  The Magic matched the three-year offer sheet that Chicago offered the shooting guard.  The Magic are keeping their roster intact as they try and win vs. NBA odds at Internet gambling companies next season.

Online gambling odds favored Orlando a lot last season and the Magic won their division but they couldn’t get past Boston in the playoffs.  The Magic have a very high payroll for next season, reported to be about $93 million.  Orlando didn’t want to pay Redick almost $20 million dollars but they felt they had to match the offer he got from Chicago.  Owner Rich DeVos and team president Bob Vander Weide took a long time to decide whether or not to match the Bulls offer, but in the end they decided to keep Redick.

Redick played well last season for really the first time in his career. He was taken with the 11th overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft but really had never done anything until last season.  He was a solid contributor in the playoffs and the Magic chose to bring him back. Orlando really had to decide whether to keep Redick or Matt Barnes and they chose Redick.

Just two years ago it was questionable whether Redick would even remain with Orlando.  Head coach Stan Van Gundy was not giving him much playing time and Redick asked for more minutes or for a trade.  He went from being on the bench to being a valuable player and he could be a starter in the future as Vince Carter will be a free agent after next season.

Redick has worked really hard to improve himself as an all-around player. He was not a solid player coming out of college but that has changed. He now plays better defense, passes the ball well and he still shoots it very well. He averaged 9.6 points per game off the bench last season and actually made a difference vs. NBA odds at Internet gambling companies. He outplayed Vince Carter in the playoff series against Boston and now the future looks bright for Redick in Orlando.