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December 1, 2010 Online Gambling

Online gambling fans have been waiting for over two decades for the Boston Celtics return to the NBA Finals.

Internet gambling sites are chock full of info and online gambling odds for the upcoming match up against the LA Lakers for the NBA title.  Most online gambling sites have favored the Lakers in this match up, but as any Internet gambling fan knows, odds don’t mean anything until the final whistle blows.

Online gambling fans have many reasons to believe that the Celtics can win the NBA Finals and anyone that says the Lakers are a lock to win, are doing themselves and the Celtics a great discredit.  Let’s not forget that the Celtics had by far the best record in the regular online gambling season.  And despite some lackluster early games in the NBA online gambling playoffs there should be little doubt that this team is capable of defying the Internet gambling odds and beating the Lakers.

There are several keys to a Boston online gambling victory and the team will have to play nearly flawlessly to wrap up a win.  First of all, Kevin Garnett must play huge on both ends of the court according to online gambling experts.  The Celts will depend on him for 20+ points per game and he must shut down Pao Gasol’s inside scoring, according to the online gambling odds makers.  That is a must, and Garnett cannot do it by himself either, no matter how good some Internet gambling bloggers may make him out to be.

Secondly, Ray Allen must put points on the board, not only to add to his team’s score, but online gambling experts believe that he must knock down outside shots in order to open up the middle for scorer’s like Kendrick Perkins.

If the Celtics are to come out on top of this online gambling battle Paul Pierce must also keep Kobe Bryant in check or this online gambling match up could be over in five games.  This match up, according to online gambling analysts belongs to LA, but if Pierce can hold Kobe to a draw and force the other Lakers to pick up the scoring, the Celtics have a great chance to win this online gambling Finals match up.

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