Heat Trade Beasley as Timberwolves Online Gambling Odds Improve

December 22nd, 2021 Online Gambling

Somewhat lost in the online gambling hoopla surrounding the Miami Heat getting LeBron James was the trade of Michael Beasley to Minnesota. The Heat picked Beasley second overall in 2008 and he was a very good player for Miami last year.  The Heat basically gave him away to Minnesota and the Timberwolves should be improved next season vs. NBA odds at Internet gambling companies.

Online gambling odds are going to favor Miami most of the time in 2010-2011 and Minnesota’s odds will be improved with the addition of Beasley. Miami had to free up cap space and they found a willing taker for Beasley’s salary in Minnesota.  The Heat really gave away a player who averaged 14.8 points and 6.4 rebounds per game in his second season.  The Timberwolves are getting Beasley for next to nothing as they only have to give up a 2011 second round pick. The teams will also trade future first-round picks in the future but Minnesota still got a great deal.

Miami was able to get LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade so they had to get rid of Beasley.  Bosh will be leaving Toronto and all the details of that situation have yet to be worked out. The Heat has been trying to work out a sign and trade with the Raptors.  That would give Bosh a six-year deal and it would also enable the Raptors to get draft considerations and a trade exception.

Minnesota couldn’t say no to the Heat even though they have a lot of talent in the frontcourt already. The Timberwolves believe they will be able to trade Al Jefferson though and Beasley could step right into his spot.  The Timberwolves have already signed Darko Milicic and Nikola Pekovic in free agency.

The trade of Beasley to Minnesota opens up cap space for Miami to give max-contracts to James, Wade and Bosh.  The only other player on the Heat under contract is guard Mario Chalmers.  Miami is trying to convince Mike Miller to join the team and they are also looking at someone like Jason Williams or Mike James for backcourt depth.

The Heat are already getting action in NBA futures at Internet gambling companies because of their power trio while Minnesota could be a team to watch next season with the addition of Beasley.