Online Gambling Handicappers Note Big Changes in Atlanta

January 17th, 2022 Online Gambling

Online gambling handicappers noted big changes in Atlanta as the Thrashers fired coach John Anderson while moving general manager Don Waddell to team president. The Thrashers did not make the playoffs and they had only marginal success vs. the odds at Internet gambling companies.

Online gambling odds didn’t favor Atlanta that often this past NHL season. The Thrashers hired Rick Dudley to replace Don Waddell as the general manager.  Atlanta has made the playoffs only once since entering the league in 1999.  Dudley seems confident he can get things turned around for the Thrashers. “We have a lot of important pieces in place, and I look forward to building this organization even further and working closely with Don, the owners and our staff towards achieving our goals,” Dudley said, “I’ve been in this situation before and we will accomplish our objectives. I appreciate Don and the owners giving me this opportunity to build on what has already been put in place.” Dudley was the general manager for the Senators before taking the same job in Tampa Bay.  He was given a lot of credit for putting together Tampa’s team that won the Cup in 2004.

Waddell gets a move upstairs in the organization although it is not clear why.  He has never put together a good team in Atlanta and fans have been upset with him for years. “My role within the company has evolved and grown the last few years, and the owners and I agree that it’s the appropriate time to have Rick assume all hockey-related responsibilities while I shift my primary focus to the business side of the Thrashers,” Waddell said.

“I will be less involved with the team on a daily basis, but will continue to make myself available to Rick and to lend my experience in any way that allows him to succeed and for us to build this club into a perennial contender.” Anderson was the Atlanta coach for two years but his record was only 70-75-19.  His assistant coaches, Randy Cunneyworth, Todd Nelson and Steve weeks were also let go.

The Thrashers definitely need a new focus if they are to contend for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.  Atlanta needs some new blood as attendance has fallen in recent years. Their success vs. the online gambling line at Internet gambling companies hasn’t been that great either.