Internet Gambling Companies Following CFB Expansion

January 21st, 2022 Online Gambling

Internet gambling companies continue to watch the college football conferences and their expansion plans. The latest news came from the Mountain West Conference on Monday as they voted not to expand to nine teams at the moment.  It was though that Boise State would be the team added and they would have made the Mountain West even more of a threat vs. online gambling odds.

Internet gambling companies are watching the Pac-10, Big 10 and Big 12 as the landscape of college football is about to change.  The Mountain West Conference decided to wait with their expansion because of all the uncertainty regarding the other conferences.  Boise State is a member of the Western Athletic Conference and the WAC simply is not on the level of some of the other conferences. The move to the Mountain West would have mean more money for Boise State and given them a better chance to compete in the BCS.

Boise State could still end up playing for a national title this season in college football.  It is widely expected that the Broncos will begin the season ranked in the Top 5 in the country.  If they win their opening game against Virginia Tech in online gambling odds, the Broncos could be well on their way to another unbeaten season.  That would probably put them into the BCS title game for the first time in their history.

The Pac-10 made news last week when they presented a plan to go from 10 to 16 teams.  The official invitations did not go out but reportedly the conference is looking to add six teams from the Big 12 to create a power conference. Texas and Oklahoma were the two big name schools that were mentioned.  The Pac-10 expansion news comes on the heels of the Big 10 and their expansion plans.  The Big 10 has made serious inquiries to adding Nebraska and Missouri. The Big 12 has reportedly given both of those schools a deadline to decide whether or not they are staying in the conference.

There is no question that the makeup of the current conferences in college sports is going to change.  This college football season may be the last one where the Pac-10, Big 10, Big 12 and Mountain West actually look the same.