Internet Gambling Companies – UFL Season Begins on Friday

January 20th, 2022 Online Gambling

Internet Gambling Companies – UFL Season Begins on Friday.  You might have forgotten all about it but the United Football League is back for another season and odds are up at Internet gambling companies. The 2010 season starts on Saturday with two games on the board in online gambling.  Do you even remember who is in the UFL and how many teams there are?

If you have forgotten about the UFL you are not alone.  With the NFL and college football seasons beginning, the UFL is way in the back of the mind of most gamblers at sbg It was a stupid decision for the UFL to change their schedule but that is what they did.

Five Teams – There are only five teams in the United Football League which means the league can only play two games per week.  That is another idiotic move as every week one team has a bye.  From going to a fall schedule to having an odd number of teams, the UFL just doesn’t get it.

Names You Know – Even though the league is way under the radar of online gambling bettors, the UFL does have some familiar names.  The Las Vegas Locomotives are coached by Jim Fassel.  Sacramento’s starting quarterback is Daunte Culpepper while Omaha’s starter this season will be Jeff Garcia. Culpepper is a three-time Pro Bowler from the NFL he threw for 24,153 yards and 149 touchdowns during his 11-year NFL career. Garcia is a four-time Pro Bowler how threw for 41,979 yards and 272 touchdowns while playing in the National Football League and the Canadian Football League. Florida has Brooks Bollinger and he was the UFL Most Valuable Player last season.  He threw for 1,518 yards and 14 TDs.  Tim Rattay is the quarterback in Las Vegas.  He backed up J.P. Losman last season. Josh McCown will be Hartford’s starter this season.  He threw for 6,584 yards and 35 touchdowns in his NFL career.

Eight Game Season – With only five teams in the league, the UFL has a short season. Each team plays just eight games. Last year each team played just six games so the UFL is expanding.

Week 1 Games – The Week 1 games on the board at Internet gambling companies on Friday has Florida Tuskers at Las Vegas Locomotives and Saturday has Sacramento Mountain Lions at Hartford Colonials and the Omaha Nighthawks have a BYE in week 1.