Internet Gambling Companies – Marlins Throw in the Towel

January 21st, 2022 Online Gambling

The Florida Marlins may not be a team you want to bet at Internet gambling companies in the last month of the Major League Baseball season. The Marlins have decided that they are too far out of the playoff races so they have begun to look to next year.  Whenever a team has thrown in the towel for the season they are a huge risk vs. the online gambling baseball odds.

Internet gambling companies really won’t pay much attention to what a team does with their players.  The odds at Sbgglobal are based on the statistics of the starting pitchers and not much else.  Whether or not the Marlins are trying to win or not does not factor into the odds.  It should factor into how you bet though.

First Move:  The Marlins waived outfielder Cody Ross on Sunday and he was picked up by the San Francisco Giants.  The Marlins will call up Cameron Maybin from Triple-A New Orleans and give him a look in center field.

This season Ross was batting .265 with 11 home runs and 58 RBIs.  He was simply making too much money and the Marlins wanted to cut payroll.

White Flag:  Florida president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest said that the upcoming moves could even be compared to the team raising the white flag on the season.

The move to put Ross on waivers did not go over well at all with the Florida players.  Second baseman Dan Uggla was stunned.  He was good friends with Ross and many of the other Florida players were also close to Ross.

Future:  The Marlins will hope that Maybin can hit like he has in Triple-A. At New Orleans he was hitting .338 with four home runs and 23 RBIs in 33 games. He has yet to prove he can hit in the Majors though. This season in 51 games with the Marlins he is hitting .225 with five homers and 19 RBIs.

Braves Could Benefit:  The Atlanta Braves may be the biggest beneficiaries of Florida throwing in the towel.  The Braves will face the Marlins nine more times before the season is over.  If Florida doesn’t play well then the Braves would benefit.  You may want to keep that in mind as you bet the online gambling baseball odds in the next month.