Internet Gambling Companies – Good News for Jets

January 21st, 2022 Online Gambling

The Jets are a popular team with gamblers at Internet gambling companies and the Jets received some good news as Nick Mangold signed a new seven-year contract.

Much of the attention on the Jets has been focused on cornerback Darrelle Revis but getting Mangold signed was just as much a priority.  The Jets will still have a great defense even if Revis doesn’t sign but it they didn’t have Mangold they would be really suffer vs. NFL online gambling lines.

Internet gambling companies list the Jets as the close second choice behind the New England Patriots to win the AFC East.  The Jets are a high profile team with head coach Rex Ryan and quarterback Mark Sanchez.

The Jets have been featured on HBO’s series Hard Knocks and the spotlight is squarely on New York this season.  Getting Mangold under contract was a big step for the Jets as they prepare for the 2010 season.

$55 Million:  The Jets and Mangold agreed on a deal that could be worth up to $55 million dollars.  Mangold was in training camp with the Jets while his agent worked on a new deal with the Jets.

Mangold handled his situation far better than Darrelle Revis who is still holding out.  Mangold is highly respected among New York players and coaches. He handled his situation with total class and the Jets rewarded him with a new deal.

Best Center in the League:  If you listen to New York head coach Rex Ryan then Mangold is the best center in the NFL.  Ryan is thrilled to have Mangold under contract for the long-term.  Mangold is capable of dealing with big nose tackles and he gives the Jets a huge advantage as they try to run the ball.

Best Rushing Team:  The Jets led the league in rushing yards per game last season.  Mangold is a big reason the Jets had so much success vs. the online gambling NFL odds at SBG. The Jets have a solid young running back in Shonn Greene and in the off-season they added LaDainian Tomlinson.

Any back running behind Mangold and the New York offensive line should have big numbers. That was the case last year as Greene and Thomas Jones gave New York a potent combination.  The Jets are hoping that this year it is Greene and Tomlinson who run over opposing defenses.


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