Gambling Online Euro Cup Update at SBG Global

January 24th, 2022 Online Gambling

A team that has outperformed the gambling online pundits’ predictions is Sweden which dominated the defending Euro Cup gambling online champs, the Greeks. If you love soccer and love soccer betting online the next three weeks are the closest thing to heaven that you will experience for at least two years.  The 2008 Euro Cup is in full swing, the offshore gambling sites are rabid with activity and the betting online action simply can’t get any better.  With several first round group games already played there have been some interesting story lines shaping up for wagering online fans to follow.

One of the biggest surprises so far has been the play of the Italian team in the team’s first gambling on the internet match up.  As offshore gambling sites have widely reported the World Cup champion Azzurre dropped their first game of the opening round of the betting online action.  That the Italians lost to a very talented Dutch side is not a huge surprise to many gambling online fans.  But the fact they were blown out 3-0 is something that almost no offshore gambling fan expected.  Granted first round group games are not make or break in betting online, but since the Italians are in this tournaments offshore gambling group of death with the Netherlands and Frances, with only two teams qualifying for the knockout stage, gambling online experts are not so convinced of Italy’s success.

Not that Greeks are expected to repeat their offshore gambling feat, but this team is known for its ridiculous and nearly impenetrable defensive schemes which the Swedish broached with ease in their first gambling offshore match of the tournament.

The host team Swiss have been somewhat of a betting online disappointment dropping a game to the Turks, after many betting online experts expected the team to use a very good qualifying performance and the home field advantage to go deep into the offshore gambling competition.  France has looked mediocre through one gambling on the internet game, Germany as well, but two teams that looked fantastic in the early betting online action are Spain and Portugal who have so far been the class of the betting online action.