Caps Change Goalies but Favored at Internet Gambling Companies

January 25th, 2022 Online Gambling

Caps Change Goalies but Favored at Internet Gambling Companies.  Internet gambling companies still have the Washington Capitals favored in their NHL playoff series against the Montreal Canadians. The Capitals are heavily favored in online gambling even though they split the first two games and had to change goalies.

Internet gambling companies list Washington as a 5-1 favorite to win the best-of-seven game series against the Canadians. Nothing has been easy in the series for Washington as they lost the first game and had to come from behind in Game 2 before winning 6-5 in overtime.  Head coach Bruce Boudreau pulled goaltender Jose Theodore after he allowed two goals in Saturday’s game.  Semyon Varlamov relieved Theodore and he ended up getting the win.  “I’m sure we’re still going to use both goalies,” Boudreau said. “Whether [Varlamov] plays Monday or [Theodore] plays Monday I think they’re both going to play again.”

Theodore was red-hot down the stretch in the regular season vs. the online gambling NHL odds but in the playoffs he has done nothing but choke.  Boudreau would not play his hand as to who would start next. “That’s a pretty deflating goal when you’re coming out and you’re all excited about playing and then the first shot goes in. And then the next shot they get goes in. So that’s why I made the change,” Boudreau said.

Theodore was 20-0-3 to end the regular season vs. the odds at Internet gambling companies but struggling in the playoffs is nothing new for Theodore.  He was pulled last year after just one game in the NHL playoffs. Varlamov played the rest of the way and was very good for the Capitals.  Theodore was not happy about being pulled on Saturday. “I think it’s the first time I do get pulled after two goals,” Theodore said, “It’s in the playoffs. Sometimes you want to do things to change the momentum. I don’t think I played long enough to say I played bad. I was there for 10 minutes.”

Boudreau didn’t want to say anything negative as he knows he may need Theodore again. “One thing about Theo is last year and this year, he can put that stuff behind him and come out and play great, and we’re going to ask him to play great again,” Boudreau said.  The NHL odds still heavily favor Washington as they are expected to get past Montreal in this series.