Bulls could be Better vs. Online Gambling Odds

January 25th, 2022 Online Gambling

The Chicago Bulls could be improved next season vs. the online gambling odds with a new head coach.The Bulls struggled this past season at times vs. the point spread at Internet gambling companies but with new head coach Tom Thibodeau, they could be improved next year.

Online gambling numbers indicated that the Bulls went 41-41 last season straight up and 42-38-2 against the point spread. Chicago is hoping to be improved next season with their new head coach.  Thibodeau is an assistant coach with the Boston Celtics and the Bulls can’t officially make the announcement about Thibodeau’s hiring until after the NBA Finals but reports indicate that Thibodeau has already agreed to a two year deal to coach the Bulls next season.  The deal is reportedly worth $6.5 million with two years guaranteed plus a team option for a third year.

The NBA does not have any rules that prohibit a team from announcing a coaching move during the NBA Finals but the NBA does advise against it since it takes attention away from the finals.  None of the players or coaches in the NBA Finals would comment much on the news which makes sense because Boston is trying to win the championship. Boston head coach Doc Rivers said that he hopes the news is true because he believes that Thibodeau deserves a head coaching job. Thibodeau was a candidate for the head coaching job at New Jersey and New Orleans but the Bulls were able to get him to go to Chicago.

Thibodeau has a very good NBA resume and he should improve Chicago’s team vs. the online gambling number.  He got high marks from many players and coaches.  Thibodeau has never been a head coach in the NBA but he is considered one of the best assistants in the league. He is replacing Vinny Del Negro who went 82-82 in his two seasons with the Bulls.

Chicago is going to be an interesting team vs. the online gambling number next season. They already have All-Star guard Derrick Rose and they are expected to bring in a top free agent since they have salary cap room.   The big name free agents are LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and Joe Johnson. It is very possible that the Bulls will land one of those players and that would definitely impact their online gambling odds at Internet gambling companies.