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January 25th, 2022 Online Gambling

Gambling during the summer months can get a bit slow. Just ask any avid gambling site visitor and the summer months tend to lack variety in terms of sports gambling choices.

But with the all star break fast approaching for Major League Baseball gambling, this season is as interesting as any in recent memory and there are a number of fantastic developments right now in the game that should keep gambling fans hooked to gambling sites through out the sweaty months of July and August.

Gambling fans often take the summer months to disengage from sports all together and enjoy the long summer days and the outdoors and that is a great thing indeed.  But this year, with all the compelling developments in baseball gambling there is plenty of reason to check in regularly with the gambling sites as well.  For anyone that’s been keeping up with baseball up to this point there are plenty of theme’s to keep the gambling fan interested.

On a team front, there have been some major developments in the state of Florida and the normally deadbeat Marlins and Rays have been the biggest stories in all of baseball gambling.  Just several weeks ago not only were these two teams leading their respective divisions but they were vying for the title of best record in all of baseball gambling -quite feat for two teams that are generally battling for the worst record in all of baseball betting.  Although both teams have since slipped into second in their divisions there’s no reason no to think that they won’t be in gambling playoff contention in the fall.

On an individual front there are all kinds of interesting gambling developments as well.  With a third of the baseball gambling season down there is very compelling triple crown chase underway -in both leagues!  And as if that weren’t enough Atlanta Braves slugger Chipper Jones is seriously flirting with .400 in way that no player has done since George Brett in the early 1980s.  But not all the big gambling news is from plate as Arizona starter Brandon Webb is still on pace to possible notch a 30-win season, something that hasn’t been seen in baseball betting since the 1970s.

And if that’s not enough reason to get you excited about baseball gambling than perhaps this sport simply isn’t for you.


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