When Sports go bad, Entertainment Betting Saves the Day

October 21st, 2019 Online Entertainment Betting

It’s been a while since we talk about entertainment betting here at SBGGlobal sportsbook, but that does not mean it’s not happening anymore.   It’s a common thing to get caught up in the world of celebrities, so why not take it up a notch and actually bet on it?  You might not be a sports fan, but might like following famous movie stars or singers around the internet to see what they are up to. At SBG Global you will be able to bet on events such as The Academy Awards, The Golden Globe Awards, The Emmy Awards, the People’s Choice Awards, and many others.

Last edition of the Academy Awards, there was a lot of movement on the entertainment betting odds thanks to Leonardo Dicaprio.   Leo had never won an Oscar in all his years of acting and the entire world, even those who could care less, was expectant and anxious to see if he would finally take the award home, and he did.

Entertainment betting is actually a fun and creative way to make some money.  There will always be something you can bet on when it comes to the entertainment world. Let’s look at the following schedule of possible events that will provide you with fun entertainment betting odds. In this case there are mainly award shows, however keep in mind that there are other types of entertainment betting and it’s up to SBGGlobal what odds come up on the board :

July 13th 2016 ESPY Awards
August 28th MTV Video Music Awards
September 18th Emmy Awards
November 6th MTV Europe Music Awards
November 20th American Music Awards

January 8th Golden Globe Awards
January 29th SAG Awards
February 26th Academy Awards

Some other entertainment betting odds are based on what will happen in a specific TV show or season finales. For example global sensation such as Game of Thrones, is one of the shows that offer odds on diverse scenarios that my happen on the show.  There are also odds on who will win America’s Got Talent, Hot Dog eating competitions, Beauty Pageants, Reality TV shows, Celebrity Betting and more.

Try something new! Maybe your favorite sports team is not having their best performance and you want to try something else.  If you want to know how go about entertainment betting, how it works and what types of bets there are, please contact our customer service department. We will help you understand and begin this type of betting.

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