Golden Globes Kick Off Annual Entertainment Betting

Golden Globes Kick Off Annual Entertainment Betting

At the beginning of each year is the entertainment industry’s season of award shows. First among them are the Golden Globe Awards. Founded in 1944 the Golden Globes celebrate and reward excellence in television and film. For countless fans, the Golden Globes mean the start of the Entertainment betting season. Sports gamblers are also fans of film and television which makes wagering on the Golden Globes a natural. For those that don’t bet on sports, entertainment season opens up new avenues of excitement.

Golden Globes Background and Overview

Namely, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association presents the Golden Globe Awards. Each year the Golden Globes are held at the beginning of January. Locations have varied but in the last several years the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California has been the venue.

Wagering on the Golden Globe Awards

As is the case in sports betting there are numerous options for wagering on the Golden Globes. To illuminate you can bet on a wide variety of different film categories. Those would include Best motion picture for drama, musical or comedy, foreign language, and animated. The best director, actor, actress, supporting actor, and supporting actress are other popular options. Television includes the aforementioned categories. Additionally, you can bet on the winners of the best television drama and musical or comedy.

Straight bets on each category are the most popular way to play. But hardly the only way. You can also wager on parlays, exotic bets, and propositions. Part of the fun on Golden Globes night is, in fact, the prop bets ranging from outfits worn to who winners will thank, etc.

Greats of the Golden Globes

Elia Kazan is the all-time leader for the best director with a total of four Golden Globes Awards. In like manner, Steven Spielberg has a record 12 nominations with two wins as best director at the Golden Globes.

Al Pacino has a record total of 10 nominations for best drama actor with two wins. Additionally, Tom Hanks and Jack Nicholson have three Golden Globes wins for best actor in a drama. Hanks and Nicholson have each won two consecutive Golden Globes.

Accordingly, the best actress in a drama has Meryl Streep at the top with 14 nominations. Ingrid Bergman has the most actual wins in that category with three. Jane Fonda and Streep have two wins each. Streep, Bergman, and Fonda each boast two consecutive Golden Globe Awards.

By contrast on the television side, Mad Men and The X Files have a record of three wins each. Holding the record for most nominations at seven is ER.

Five actors hold the Entertainment Betting record for most Golden Globes in a television drama. Fashion that Ed Asner, John Forsythe, Jon Hamm, Hugh Laurie, and Telly Savalas have two wins each.

Starting with Alan Alda is a record of six Golden Globe Awards for best actor in a television comedy. Alda also holds the record for 11 nominations in that category.

In the same way, Angela Lansbury is the record holder of four Golden Globe Awards for television drama. Lansbury was nominated 10 times.

Most of all the great Carol Burnett is remembered by Americans with five Golden Globe Awards for best actress in a television comedy. Burnett was nominated for a record total of 12 times in her career.

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