Sports and Gov Leaders Come to Grips with Online Casino Betting

Sports and Gov Leaders Come to Grips with Online Casino Betting

March 29th, 2019 Online Casino

A clear difference is emerging between today and the past when it comes to leading officials and their belief systems on the topic of Online Casino betting.   As a matter of fact, sports leagues and leading politicians are not only realistic but becoming more pragmatic about what gambling can do in a positive way.  Once seen as a dirty scourge upon sports and society and now seen as a solution to many financial problems.

State of New Jersey

Starting with the state of New Jersey has sportsbook action emerged as a potential new source of revenue for the state.  At the beginning of 2019 New Jersey was closing in on the $1 billion mark after just six months of operation.  For many long-time observers this meteoric growth is hardly a surprise.  What may surprise gamblers is that Mississippi is also getting in on the action.  Consider that hundreds of millions of dollars were wagered there in just the first few months of action.


Moving from the state to the federal level Germany has decided to embrace gambling.  For example, in March of 2019 a full fledge sports gambling rollout was being planned.


NASCAR has been at the forefront of future Online Casino betting opportunities.  Indeed, the top auto racing circuit in the United States has been a visionary when it comes to betting on races and drivers.  NASCAR has suffered a decline in both attendance and television ratings but believes gambling can help stem the tide.  Further, NASCAR sees a direct tie between gambling and future growth in the stands and on television audiences.

Crypto Currencies

Yet another strong partnership has emerged between Online Casino betting and the so-called crypto currencies.  In March of 2019 it was reported that hundreds of millions of dollars have been generated between the online casino gambling websites and crypto currencies.  In January of 2019 the value of this partnership was estimated at $1.5 billion.  Summing up such numbers makes for the inevitable conclusion of unstoppable momentum.

NCAA Tournament

Extending the successful start for 2019 was the NCAA Tournament.  Billions were betting online in the first round.  Concurrently this meant more action for online card rooms, table games and slots.  Most important of all is the fact that the NCAA has come to terms with gambling.  Supplementing that are the justifiable charges of hypocrisy against the college sports regulating body itself.  As an example, the NCAA has become defensive about how much money they make.  And how little they share with the athletes.  So too does that factor in their acceptance of gambling.

FBI Tapes and Investigations

In this situation the current FBI tapes and investigations also must be considered.  The utter slime of the shoe companies and AAU leeches that profit from the student athletes casts further negativity.  Moreover, it adds to the impression that everyone is making big money but the players themselves.  Following this is the continuing multibillion-dollar television contracts for the schools.  Countless coaches are fired but paid millions of dollars to go away.  Owing to all of this is the possibility of the NCAA using online gambling to raise money to pay players.

Benefits of Online Gambling

In comparison to the past sports leagues have all come to the same conclusion.  Its time to get their noses out of the air and consider the benefits of using online gambling in a positive way.

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