Recent Online Casino Betting News Points Towards Growth

Recent Online Casino Betting News Points Towards Growth

September 15th, 2020 Online Casino, Online Wagering

At the onset of COVID-19 was an undeniable fact. What traditional brick and mortar casinos would lose online casinos would gain. Sadly, MGM Resorts recently laid off over 18,000 workers. Subsequently, this could be a portent of things to come. Coronavirus concerns remain the biggest threat to Las Vegas and related towns. COVID-19 has opened the eyes of gamblers. The convenience and value of Online Casino betting have never shown more obvious. To be exact we have seen the future and it works. For millions of gamblers, there is no going back.

Online Casino Gambling – The Basics

Even in the best of days travel was an expensive hassle. Flying was never fun, even in the first class. The account of the expense, time, and being squeezed into seats and spaces too small. When Las Vegas went upscale old patrons were shocked. Young customers were turned off. $10 Heineken beers at the top establishments were bad enough. Five dollars for a lukewarm small bottle of water was insanity. Hotel rooms came with the infamous “resort fee.” At least one prominent five-star resort charged extra for WIFI. Yet everyone paid for the Vegas experience. Those days have ended.

Since COVID-19 many have lost jobs and income. Everyone has cut back. Those with Las Vegas trips booked had them canceled. March Madness trips never took place. Gamblers discovered a perfect alternative. Instead of moping about Vegas, these players turned to online wagering. And once they did it was like a light bulb coming on. Convenience, ease, no hassles, zero stress, better variety, and low cost showed a better way. Instead of wasting thousands on flights, car rentals, lodging, and rip-off restaurants gamblers used those thousands saved for gambling.

Now travel is an even greater hassle. Millions are still concerned about the coronavirus. Las Vegas has unprecedented restrictions. From this point, Nevada blew itself up over its arrogance. It never planned ahead for disaster. It had no online gambling alternative built out. In fact, Vegas spent millions to fight online gambling for Nevada. Online poker was all they offered. Accordingly, it proved not to be enough.

The Future is Now

Starting with an economic downturn is there a new outlook among gamblers. Blowing money needlessly is no longer an affordable luxury. Wasting valuable time on extravagance may as well be a million years ago. So too is their disgust with hassles and inconvenience. All of those things are associated with Las Vegas and the like. Counter to that is online casinos offering refuge from that.

Mobile Gambling Spike Points to Meteoric Growth

So far in 2020 mobile gambling revenue has increased 20% over last year. And we still have three months to go for 2020. In sum, United States mobile gambling is at $21.4 billion. China expects mobile gambling to hit $59 billion by 2027. Investors can read the tea leaves. As a result, money invested in mobile gambling production is growing by almost 50-percent.

Along the same lines to online gambling are the attractions. Mobile gambling can’t be beaten when it comes to convenience. Gamblers demand things to be fast and easy. Also, they want availability at any time. Mobile gambling delivers goods.

By reason of variety is mobile gambling’s growth guaranteed. Thousands of games and sports betting come standard!

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