Single Hand Black Jack

Reasons for Single Hand Blackjack Game Popularity

October 15th, 2019 Online Casino

A clear difference exists between single hand blackjack and the multi-deck version of this game. With single hand blackjack, the house edge is as low as any of the games offered to gamblers. The edge is so low that most online and brick and mortar casinos have strayed away from it. To illuminate it has been far more difficult to find a single hand blackjack game in recent years. Fortunately, Single Hand Blackjack is a staple here and easy to find and play. Once you try single hand blackjack you will find it to be among your top favorites.

Reasons for Single Hand Blackjack Popularity

On the whole, the popularity of single hand blackjack always traces back to the low house edge. Casinos starting creating multi-hand blackjack in order to make things more difficult for gamblers. Some of the brighter players were able to card count the single-hand game. As an example, they were able to mentally compute the probability of the next card dealt. This took away the house edge as these card counters developed an edge for bets. Subsequently, casinos began increasing the decks to get the edge back. Thus, the renewed Online betting interest here for single deck blackjack.

Single Hand Blackjack Rules

In the beginning, the deck of cards is shuffled before the game. The dealer must hit on a soft 17 which is a 17 that contains an ace. The dealer must draw to 16. The player is allowed to split his hand a total of three times. Additionally, aces can be split but the player gets only one card to each ace. Keep in mind that such player hands can’t be re-split.

Blackjack is not met on the hands of a single split ace and a single card with a value of 10. Overall Blackjack pays out at three to two. Winning insurance bets pay two to one. The rest of the winning hands pay even money.

The Advantages

Once upon a time, Single Hand Blackjack was first among equals when it comes to table games. When casinos de-emphasized it, gamblers were forced into blackjack games with less of a house edge. Fortunately, we have brought back the single deck version of this game. In the beginning, players rushed back and have stayed. Additionally, when other casinos offered single hand blackjack, they created a weaker odds payout structure. We do not do that here and that’s another reason for the massive popularity of this game. Accordingly, players that get the best odds and rules become quite loyal.

The Disadvantages

Encompassing single hand blackjack is the tendency of some gamblers to let themselves go. The low house edge becomes an irony as these players will not play with structure or discipline. In sum, they are less careful due to the low odds and great payouts. Such gamblers end up being their own worst enemies and beating themselves. On their own, they surrender the small house edge. With that in mind, it is important to still respect house rules and odds mathematics.

A Great Myth of BlackJack

The account of the myth of taking insurance when dealt a blackjack is the power of contrarian thinking. Consider that you surrender 13% of the profit that blackjack pays. This illustrates the necessity of fully understanding house rules and wagering value.

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