Plenty of Online Casino Betting News to Open 2020

Plenty of Online Casino Betting News to Open 2020

January 13th, 2020 Online Betting, Online Casino

Above all the year of 2019 will be known and celebrated as one of the greatest in the history of online betting. Many important factors can be attributed to this success. First, politicians that are always looking for new cash to extort have found online casino betting the next best thing to free money. Legislation often takes forever to pass and implement. Unless it has to do with internet wagering. In that case, parties come together and new laws are rapidly enacted. Admittedly the pols can see the craze of sports, especially in the United States.

Sports and Gambling Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Compared to other endeavors its hard to find a more perfect combination than sports and online betting. Specifically, the state of New Hampshire is the latest to couple into this truth. Republican governor Chris Sununu had the brains to bring sports gambling to the Granite State. He even bet $82 on the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl. While the Governor’s bet did not pan out his legislative triumph will benefit the state for years to come. Compared to most other states New Hampshire is now standing ahead and apart for its great vision.

State Lottery and Sports Betting Merger

Owing to the connection between the New Hampshire state lottery and sports betting the revenue will be flooding into the Granite State coffers. Along the same lines, the New Hampshire lottery partnership with sportsbooks has ignited tremendous growth. Despite the relatively new concepts the state is far ahead of revenue projections form 2020. Cause by this success is the fact that 10 retail sportsbooks will be opening in the state. With Sununu’s aggressive tone and planning, New Hampshire is set to become a destination state. Businesses and families can certainly be expected to move there with its low taxes.

Maryland Follows New Hampshire’s Lead

When politicians see a new way to suck in money they somehow learn to move fast. What was once said to be impossible becomes done. Maryland has now taken steps to explore the benefits of Online casino betting. Commencing with the success of New Hampshire is a blueprint that may eventually reach the federal level. Maryland has tax rates that border on obscene and sports betting is seen as potential relief for battered tax payers.

Pennsylvania and Michigan Launches Sports Betting

The Wolverine State has also noticed the merits of gaming and has enacted open sports betting. Big Ten country may prefer conservative football but is much wider open when it comes to filling the treasury. To illuminate Michigan already had online poker and daily fantasy sports. Sports betting is simply a natural progression from that highly successful foundation. Meanwhile Pennsylvania has the potential to become the sports betting capital of the world. Over $1billion was bet on sports in the Keystone State last year alone. Fantasy sports was the appetizer for eventual sports betting in PA.

Technology Blitz

At the onset of 2020 online gamblers were particularly excited about more technological innovations in an industry that has set the standard for them. Online slots and poker remain huge draws and points of growth. The United States economy is the best since 1969 and has triggered more disposable income. As a result, online gambling growth and innovation will reach new heights!

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