Football and Vegas Travel Woes Headlines Latest Online Casino Betting News

Football and Vegas Travel Woes Headlines Latest Online Casino Betting News

November 5th, 2020 Online Casino, Sports Betting

For the online casino, betting industry times are great and figure to get greater. Sadly for Las Vegas and traditional brick and mortar casinos, things are blink. Specifically, college and pro football have led to a gambling spike. Online sportsbooks are enjoying a meteoric rise in traffic and handle. Pent up demand for sports gambling was already impressive. But King Football rules with an iron fist. As a result of increased football traffic is a spillover effect. Table games, slots, poker, and card rooms are all heating up with action. Las Vegas is yet to find a comparable draw.

Layoffs Beckon in Deserted Desert as Online Casinos Draw Former Travelers

Since Las Vegas lost March Madness it has been one disaster after another. Sin City reopened in June. But after a brief sugar rush traffic crashed. And it hasn’t returned. MGM Resorts is seriously considering weekends only. Going dark for the weekdays makes sense as nobody is there anyway.

MGM was only one of several major Las Vegas resort corporations that badly missed estimates. Business in Sin City is far under projections, even post lockdown. Additionally, the hotel and airline industry is facing several bankruptcies. MGM laid off 18,000 total employees including 10,000 in Las Vegas alone. Las Vegas casinos generate $4 billion in state and local taxes. So too do they add $5 billion to the federal government coffers each year. Or least they did. Massive drops in government revenue beckon with no relief in sight.

Las Vegas Pays for Years of Arrogance

$10 bottles of beer, $5 bottles of water, with meals and rooms nowhere near worth the price stuck it to consumers. Counter to that is people know better now. Those days are over and not coming back. Las Vegas got full of itself when times were good. People went along with it because it was Las Vegas. However, today’s COVID-19 world has changed all of that. Gamblers are more enlightened. They have found a far better alternative.

Where Is Everyone?

Cause of the disappointing sports betting results in Las Vegas the question is where are folks gambling. Well at online casinos of course. The great secret has been unleashed. Gambling in Las Vegas makes absolutely no sense. It’s a great way to burn money unnecessarily. Now gamblers know that they get far more for their money at online casinos. Money blown on expensive trips, hotels, meals, and drinks is now available to bet with. Indeed, gamblers have discovered much larger bankrolls betting online.

In view of this, the football season has further illustrated the difference. Sports gamblers get far more bang for their buck at online sportsbooks. They get better lines, more choices, less juice, and greater incentives. Bonuses and payout structures are an embarrassment to a Vegas sportsbook.

Convenience, Value, and Fun

Now that football season is in full throttle gamblers are in love. Consider how much easier it is to participate in online casino betting. Crawling over people to stand in line at a sportsbook for a wager is done. The ease of live betting from your home or mobile device can’t be beaten. Gamblers have quickly learned to love the feeling of empowerment today offers. What was considered a loss has turned into again. And rest assured online sportsbooks and casinos know they have the momentum. The best is yet to come!

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