Enlist for Casino War Betting Excitement!

Enlist for Casino War Betting Excitement!

April 2nd, 2020 Online Casino

On the whole, if you know how to count you basically know everything necessary to play the Casino War. Like many other games, you can play at a USA online casino. The Casino War is going to be you going up against the dealer. In turn along with the dealer, you will see a shoe holding several decks of cards in the corner. Three betting areas are lined out in the center of the felt table. Further, you will see an assortment of chips in different colors that range from $1 up to $100 and beyond.

To bring to light the Casino War is based on the kid’s game War that most kids have played. Aces are always high and the card suits don’t even matter. It is that simple of a game.

Play Format for Casino War

Play begins on a table that has some resemblance to blackjack. The dealer will draw cards for each player and then, take a card for himself. Following that the card ranks are then compared. All players with cards ranked higher than the offshore bookmaker dealer are paid out as the winner. But if the dealer has the highest-ranking card than any player those players lose the bet to the dealer.

In games such as blackjack, ties are considered a “push” with nobody winning. Conversely in Casino War, a tie means that a player must put up another equal wager to his original wager to go to “war” or otherwise forego half of his bet.

If the player decides to go to war the dealer will match the same bet. Although the dealer bet is theoretically just for show. After that, the dealer will “burn” three cards and deals both himself and the player one card apiece. At last, if the card beats the dealer the player wins even money on the raise bet only. While he pushes his original bet. If the dealer’s card ranks higher the player loses all bets.

Betting on the Tie

At the beginning of a hand, you can make an additional wager that the result will end up as a tie. If it turns out that the game ends in a tie you win a payout of 10/1. Naturally, that is an impressive payout but a deeper look reveals a catch. To illuminate the house edge is 18% for such wagers on a five-deck machine. Yet as poor, as the bet is many players will still play it on a whim. Much to the delight of a casino.

Strategy for Casino War

In view of the Casino War being such a simple USA online casino game, the strategy is as well. In sum, it all basically all comes down to one simple decision. Should the player surrender or go to war in the event of a tie? Considering a house edge of around 3.7% if you surrender and about 2.8% if you go to war. Cause by that the strategic decision is easy. As Winston Churchill would say “NEVER SURRENDER!”

The Fun and Excitement of Casino War

In spite of its simplicity Casino War more than compensates for that with its ease of play. So too is it a fast-paced game. The house edge is not large and similar to a typical slot machine. In conclusion, Casino War is a great game to play for a short period of time. Eventually, your mind is likely to want more stimulating games.

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