Bonus Slots Make for Bonus Fun

Bonus Slots Make for Bonus Fun

April 7th, 2020 Online Casino

Consistent with the excitement USA online casino betting is bonus slots. With these bonus games, you can take a regular slots game and turn it into a dramatic moment. That is because in the bonus round the jackpot amount is significantly higher than normal. To put it another way, bonus slots are “games within a game.” Specifically, these games trigger bonus rounds that turn into independent games in their own right. Once these bonuses kick into gear you get a much higher payout structure from the original game. The symbols remain the same but the payouts are different.

Correlate how bonus rounds from these slot games make for increased anticipation. Which is part of the draw to players? Because it’s a slot game there is no real strategy to pave the way to the bonuses. It is a random draw. But once the bonus round hits it’s a thrill like no other. Not only does it break up the monotony of slots but ramps up the speed. Players that otherwise would have departed from the game instead stay to spin for enhanced winnings. To be exact instead of spin after a spin for the same goal you get an unexpected change for the better.

It follows that players want to know how the actual bonus rounds work. In most cases, it looks similar to the regular rounds. Certain symbols must hit on the spin for the enhanced bonus to take place. On the next occasion when you hit the bonus the game will provide considerable hoopla with celebratory graphics and sounds. It’s a moment many play for. Free spins are another feature that could come into play with a bonus slots game.

Let’s now take a look at our bonus slots lineup. We offer the best games in the world with the largest payouts. Additionally, the graphics and sounds from our slots provide constant entertainment.

Old West Bonus Game

Starting with the old west theme of this offshore bookmaker is the expectation of John Wayne himself swaggering in. Boots, horseshoes, ropes, longhorns, saddles and more are part of a great experience. So, Cowboy Up for great bonus rounds today!

Scuba View Bonus Game

Sea horses, fish, sharks, and more give you the scuba dive feel. In comparison to other slots games, Scuba View is an adventure. It’s also a chance for major jackpots.

Pirate Bonus Game

Yet another fun adventure is our Pirate bonus game. With five reels and 15 lines, the bonus possibilities are endless. Coins, beer, cannons, parrots, ships, and Jolly Roger himself are part of the fun.

Beach Bonus Game

For all that our slots have to offer a beach party is among the most popular of all. Guitars, cocktails, beach balls, ice cream and more make this a USA online casino destination. In the same way, your chances for jackpot payouts are enhanced with this party-themed choice.

Bullseye Bonus Game

If you like carnival or fairgrounds games this is the one for you. Starting with the opportunity to win stuffed animals, candy and balloons. Take a stroll through the best of times and bonuses!

Millionaire Bonus Game

Owing to the very name of the game is this one a favorite of countless players. Champaign, diamond watches, yachts, sapphire rings, mansions, and cash all make for the ultimate atmosphere.

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