Be Careful with Starting Hands Casino Poker Game SBG

Be Careful with Starting Hands Casino Poker Game

March 7th, 2018 Online Casino

It has been said that Texas Hold’em Poker takes an hour to learn but a lifetime to master.  Among the reasons for this tried and true adage are great starting hands.  Seems like more poker players lose more money on supposed great hands than weak ones.  Too many times otherwise knowledgeable Texas Hold’em players bust their bankrolls discipline.  “Don’t overplay your hand” is great guidance for life.  Maybe it should be applied to the actual Casino Poker Game itself.  With that in mind it is important to check excitement when dealt strong opening cards.

Pocket Rockets

Pocket aces of course are the consensus top opening hand.  Most noteworthy is that “pocket rockets” are considered to be a 4/1 chalk over any other hand.  Sobering is the fact that a pair of aces is dealt just once every 221 hands.  Another factor to consider is that pocket aces are not as advantageous with more players in the pot.  Players should keep in mind that fewer players means better odds with the aces.  Betting too much on pocket rockets is a common mistake.  Playing them strong is smart.  Blind recklessness on aces often generates a karma that is destructive.

Ace with King

No hand is more overrated in a Casino Poker Game than Ace with King.  Yet the famed Doyle Brunson loves it more than any other.  Problematic with Ace and King is that it’s based on POTENTIAL.  Improvement is necessary with this hand.  Also keep in mind a pair of anything outranks it.  But players get dollar signs in their eyes when dealt “Big Slick.”  Known as the ultimate drawing hand Ace and King is an unfinished product.  Due to that fact caution will often bring you better results.  Those who bet the come on A-K often end up busted.

Pair of Kings

Often overlooked by many Online casino poker players is a pair of Kings.  True, it’s not a pocket rockets but still a good hand.  To begin with you are holding the second highest ranking pair possible.  “Cowboys” are the chalk against any hand except aces.  Furthermore, kings are a hand to build on.  Almost as promising is a pair of queens.  When dealt queens you secure in the knowledge that only eight overcards can remain in the deck.  Additionally, in this era of aggressive play opponents are likely to overplay worse hands.

Pocket Jacks

Pocket Jacks get quite the reputation for a Casino Poker Game.  “There are three ways to play pocket jacks and all of them are wrong” is the saying.  Without question jacks can be as dangerous as they are promising.  Navigation of this hand is often based on your opponent’s play.  If ever you are looking for a “tell” it is when holding jacks.  Tens are a similar pair and best used to build with.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em has changed dramatically with the advent of online gambling.  Aggressive play is now the norm and bluffing a way of life.  Knowledge of the odds is more valuable than ever.  Countering today’s attacking style is best done with use of odds and percentages.  Also important is a sober assessment of top opening hands.  Pocket rockets rock for sure but they offer no guarantees.  Blowing up your bankroll is as easy with great hands as with poor ones.  Sure, increase your aggression with top hands but also stay in your lane!

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