American Roulette Betting Remains Top Draw

American Roulette Betting Remains Top Draw at Casinos Online

November 6th, 2019 Online Casino

On the whole, it is hard to find a more popular online casino table game than Roulette. Especially the American version of this spellbinding game. Roulette is the perfect game for many gamblers. It combines simplicity and ease of play with hold your breath excitement. And like other table games and forms of gambling money management is of paramount importance. Specifically, the key difference for American Roulette betting is that the roulette wheel has an extra double zero to go with the zero. Along with that, there are 36 additional slots numbered one through 36.

The Extra Double Zero

While some gamblers will grumble about the extra double zero on the wheel others find a positive. Many gamblers like to hedge and place a chip between the two green zeros. And just like their brethren in sports betting roulette players often like to bet on the zero and double zero as a contrarian bet. When doing so they feel as if they are gambling “with the house.”

The Basics

Cause by its simplicity is roulette a big draw at online casinos. The basics of American Roulette Betting come down to betting on which slot the ball will land in when the wheel stops spinning. You can wager on individual numbers, odd or even, black or red, or the aforementioned green. From there you can make more exotic but still simple bets on groups of numbers in different areas of the wheel. Many gamblers love to bet their “lucky number” or focus on black and or red. By contrast, there are other gamblers that prefer various systems.

What to Know

Cause by odds can the game of American Roulette be sobering. Craps is the game with the smallest house edge. By contrast, American Roulette has a much larger house advantage. Respecting the mathematical gravity of Roulette is the first step towards success. There is no getting around and outsmarting the hard math. Therefore, responsible money management and sober reality-based gambling is the only way to survive.

The Martingale Theory

Due to its very layout, the game of roulette lends itself to one of the most popular gambling strategies of all. The Martingale strategy is where a gambler will double his bet after each loss until he goes broke or reaches the table limit. It follows that the theory is that eventually, even money bets must hit. Martingale bettors bet that the wheel is eventually going to go red or black. In the same way, it must also go odd or even. Subsequently, gamblers have learned some hard lessons with the Martingale Theory. Specifically, the wheel does what it wants.

Random Strategy

To illuminate the Martingale Theory fails to sustain itself because a wheel can go red or black and or odd or even repeatedly. There is no guarantee that five straight blacks will not go to six. Each spin of the Roulette wheel is a random chance. The “Due Theory” is the biggest con in the game. Nothing is due except for the rent.

Money Management

Summing up the only chance to survive and possibly thrive at American Roulette is responsible play. To illuminate success at Roulette requires reality-based gambling. The house has the edge and nothing is due to happen. Knowing this is knowing that a good time with excitement is ahead.

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