2020 Not So Bad for Online Casino Betting

2020 Not So Bad for Online Casino Betting Expected to Continue for 2021

January 4th, 2021 Online Casino, Sportsbook

A clear difference set 2020 apart from any other year. For most individuals, it’s the worst year ever. Many industries will curse 2020 for years to come. Many small businesses were hammered hard. Of course, sports have lost billions from quarantined games. Tourism and hospitality have been hammered hard. Las Vegas is a ghost town. But within the misery is a success story. Specifically, the online casino gambling sector has produced record revenue. And that is expected to continue for 2021 and beyond. The pandemic has forced everyone to change. And online sportsbooks proved most adaptable against the challenge.

Sports Betting Reaches New Heights in 2020

Specifically, the losses of Las Vegas have been the gains of online gambling. An accident is often the art of design. And that has been the case for 2020. Sports began shutting down at the brink of March Madness starting. It’s difficult to state how catastrophic that shutdown was. Only the Super Bowl brings in more sportsbook handle than the NCAA Tournament. Additionally, Las Vegas books more rooms for March Madness than any other event save Super Bowl weekend. With all of that lost Sin City had no alternatives. But gamblers did have another way to play.

The Great Discovery

Once sports began to return in the summer there were still COVID restrictions. Las Vegas opened but failed to draw much clientele. Now we know why. Gamblers had been spending the previous months learning of a better way to play. Online casino gambling was enjoying a business boom. Gamblers wanting action were drawn to online betting. Consider there was no other choice. But once they arrived, they never left. Gamblers learned they should have been gambling online all along.

At the beginning of this discovery was notable convenience. There were no COVID restrictions on gambling from home. No need for masks, face shields, and social distancing. Further, there was zero in the way of expensive trips. High priced airline tickets and the hassle of flights was avoided. Robbery rates on hotels and the hated “resort fees” were not to be found. $10 bottles of beer? Fuhgeddaboudit! So too with meals worth nowhere near the cost charged. What did it all come to mean? Gamblers saw that their bankrolls were much larger. And stayed that way!

Redefining the World “Value”

It follows that gamblers caught on to the situation quickly. After all, nobody is more pragmatic than a gambler. For many, a trip to Las Vegas no longer made sense. Especially when more money was spent on the trip than gambling. With online casino gambling, all of the money goes to the bankroll. Which means a considerable difference in the ability to win. Gamblers saw bankrolls twice, three times, or larger than before they went online. And then they saw other advantages.

In view of bonuses and incentives, online casinos make you a winner from the start. In recent years Las Vegas has been adversarial to gamblers. With worse odds and putrid incentives, they sent the message. Contrarily gamblers are sending a reply. They are staying at home for good.

More emphatically online sportsbooks showed well for new players. Features such as live betting proved easier online. And the convenience was shown as unrivaled. Online sports betting is no longer the future. Accordingly, it the NOW!

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