Online Betting Lines or Vegas Betting Lines at SBG Global

Online betting lines provide you with a multitude of options. When you are looking to bet sports which lines do you normally look at, online betting lines or Vegas betting lines? As you consider the answer to that question let’s take a look at what the differences are between online betting lines and Vegas betting lines.

Online betting lines have really taken the world by storm. It used to be many years ago that Las Vegas always had the best sports betting lines in the world. The city was featured everywhere in terms of being the King of sports betting. With the advent of the Internet that all changed. Online betting lines dominated and Las Vegas was left in the dust. You will still see Vegas betting lines in many newspapers, but the real betting lines are made, bet, and followed offshore.

You should be aware that the betting lines you see in the paper from Las Vegas are weak and just copies of online betting lines. Nothing originates in Las Vegas anymore when it comes to sports betting. The Stardust used to be THE place for opening numbers. It is now a pile of rubble. The sports betting line now originates offshore. Betting lines at most Vegas casinos are just generic copies of the online betting numbers.

How did all of this betting online come about? What happened to Vegas? How did online betting come to dominate the sports betting world? Until the late 1990’s the only place for sports betting was Las Vegas. Las Vegas had the odds, the money, and the best sports betting lines in the world. When the Internet came about everything changed. Betting online began to take over and online sportsbooks started to rule. It did not happen overnight, but it did happen. Online betting offered everything that Vegas could not. Sports bettors could now do everything that they could do in Vegas, but with better odds, more bonuses, and easier access.

When it comes to sports betting, an online betting line versus a Las Vegas betting line is no longer a choice. The odds are almost always better betting online than in Las Vegas. The limits are always higher. Everything that Vegas used to have is now better with online betting. There are still people that don’t know Vegas betting lines are truly 2nd best, but intelligent gamblers know that betting online is the way to go if they want the best of sports betting.