South Africa is the Perfect Site for the 2010 World Cup Online Betting Action

South Africa has been known for many things throughout its ancient history but it’s never been associated with any world-class online betting event. Thankfully, on June 11th when the opening ceremonies of the 2010 World Cup betting event draw to a close and the first soccer ball of the tournament is kicked into play that will all change. And from that moment on, South Africa and the entire African continent will forever be associated with the greatest event in sports.

What makes this event so special is that it will be first time in the history of sports betting that any sporting event has been hosted on the African continent and no one should underestimate the importance or significance of that.  This is something that transcends Internet betting, World Cup betting or even any sport in general.

This event is about hope and symbolizes an entire continent’s dreams and desires to integrate into the global community.

And of course for soccer betting fans around the world it is a fitting tribute to a continent that in recent years has produced some of the best players in the world.  Africa has been a hot bed for soccer development over the past decade and because of that success Internet betting fans are now more knowledgeable about African soccer than ever before.

Ten years ago there might have been one or two African players in the major European soccer online betting leagues, but they weren’t stars and they were more identifiable by their faces rather than their names.

But fast forward to the present and there isn’t a single fan of European domestic league soccer betting or an Internet betting enthusiast out there that doesn’t know the name of at least one African soccer star.

The EPL, the Primera Liga, the Seria A, the Bundesliga and every other top soccer betting league in Europe now not only has African players, but African superstars, on their team rosters.

And many of these players will be representing their countries in the upcoming World Cup betting action which will certainly be a tremendous reward for their incredible sports betting achievements.