Online Betting – Two Divisions in Pac-12 Football Next Season

The Pac-10 will become the Pac-12 next online betting season with two divisions of six teams each. The main rivals will stay together but there are some interesting changes that will impact Internet betting next season at Sbgglobal.  Let’s take a look at the new Pac-12.

Pac-12 North
Pac-12 South
Arizona State
Oregon State
Washington State

The Pac-12 had to split into two divisions so that they can play a football title game.  That will happen next season and the team that finishes with the best record will host the game.  There will not be a divisional split in other sports in the Pac-12.

Most of the traditional rivalries will remain in the conference.  Even though California and Stanford are in one division and USC and UCLA are in the other, those games will continue as part of the conference arrangement.  The football teams in the Pac-12 will have a nine-game conference schedule. They will play five inter-divisional games and four cross-divisional games. In basketball, there will just be one division and teams will play an 18-game conference schedule with seven home and home series and four other single games.

What it Means – The new conference alignment means more money. That is the bottom line.  The Pac-12 will now be able to play a title game in football and that will mean big bucks. The conference is also looking to get a new TV deal and that will mean even more money.  What is lost in the shuffle somewhat are the rivalries that you won’t see every year.  No longer will Oregon or Washington be playing against USC every season in football.

The competitive balance in football also changes as USC is not going to be a power which means the best football in the conference will be in the North division.  Just look at that division in online betting.  It is Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, California and Washington.  Only Washington State is the weak link in that division.  The South has the weaker teams in Arizona State, Colorado, and the L.A. schools, USC and UCLA who won’t be national powers. Utah and Arizona will be at the top of this division.