Online Betting Interest on ACC TV Games Increases

The ACC is going to get added attention from online betting gamblers in the future with more games on television. The Atlantic Coast Conference and ESPN agreed to a 12-year deal which means a lot more games on national TV for Internet betting gamblers to wager on.  The deal includes the major sports like football and basketball and also includes other ACC sports as well.

Online betting is always more popular when the games are on TV.  With ESPN reaching an agreement with the ACC, football and basketball games in the conference will get a lot more exposure.  The new contract begins in the 2011-2012 season.  The deal will not exclude Raycom Sports so they will continue to carry some of the games and that is great news for Internet betting gamblers since even more games will be on TV.

The new deal will have ESPN showing ACC college football games each Saturday and it will also mean that ESPN shows the ACC title game.  In college hoops, ESPN will be broadcasting a plethora of games.  The network is actually expected to televise all of the games in one form or another. They will be split up between ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN U plus and ESPN Mobile TV.  ACC college basketball action was already getting coverage from ESPN since Duke and North Carolina are high profile teams but now the entire conference should benefit with the added exposure.

The deal between ESPN and the ACC will also include women’s basketball as the network will show the ACC women’s basketball tourney.  Other sports will also get coverage like baseball, softball, lacrosse, and soccer.

There is no question that televised games get a lot of added attention in online betting from gamblers. People like to wager on games in which they can see the action.  Other games get action at the sportsbook as well but when games are on TV they get added action.  The public bettors will almost always choose a game that is on TV to wager on instead of a game that is not.  The ACC is a high profile conference in college hoops with Duke and North Carolina and now they will get more attention in college football online betting with more of their games on ESPN.


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