Online Betting – College Football Team Win Totals at SBG

College football team win totals are on the online betting board at SBG Global. All of the top teams have their win number listed and you can wager over or under the Internet betting total on the team of your choice.

Online betting win totals are fun to bet on because you are in action all year for the price of just one bet.  How great is that?  You get to cheer every week for your team to win their game and don’t have to worry about making a bet because you already made a win total wager.  Or you might want to cheer against a team like Notre Dame so you bet their win total under.

Top Team:  Alabama is the defending national champion so you know there win total is going to be high.  Their win total is listed at 10 so they need to go 11-1 for you to win the over bet.  If they win ten games it is a push and you get your money back.  It is hard to believe they won’t win at least 10 games this season. Really, who is going to beat them?  There are really only three games where they might lose.  They have road games at Arkansas and at LSU that could be tough and they have a tough home game vs. Florida.  You think they are going to lose two of those three games?  It doesn’t seem likely and even if they do you still get a push if you bet the over.  Going over ten wins looks like a great bet.

Boise State & TCU:  You might think that Alabama would have the highest win total in Internet betting but you would be wrong. Boise State has a win total of 11 but they play in a pitiful conference so they are almost guaranteed to win all of their WAC games.  The Broncos have 12 games this season so if you bet the over then Boise State has to win all of their games for you to get paid.  You are going to find out quick if you have a chance as this bet will likely be determined on Monday, September 6th when the Broncos play Virginia Tech.  TCU is the other team that has a win total of 11.  They play in a tougher conference but the Horned Frogs could run the table in the Mountain West.  They have to go unbeaten at 12-0 to go over the win total. They have only one tough road game and that is at Utah.  Their other tough games vs. Oregon State and BYU are at home.