Online Betting Brings Sports Betting to Everyone

Online Betting Brings Sports Betting to Everyone.  It’s hard to imagine a world without the Internet but it’s almost impossible to imagine sports betting without online betting. No single technological innovation in the past century has impacted our daily life to the extent that the Internet has.  It has opened new doors and new opportunities the world over and nowhere is that more true than in the realm of sports betting.

Obviously sports betting existed before the Internet, it’s just that it was a completely different kind of wagering and there weren’t nearly as much opportunities for most sports betting fans to engaging in any kind of wagering on sports.

As with many industries before the Internet was created, there existed many geographical and other logistical limitations.  And the technology that did exist before online betting was created was expressly prohibited from use in any type of sports betting.   Telephone lines are not permitted under federal law for this matter.

Therefore any type of sports betting done in the days prior to Internet betting was all done face to face with the exceptions of areas like Las Vegas and Atlantic City where sports betting has been legal for decades.

But the advent of online betting changed all that.  Just as the Internet compressed both time and space and destroyed physical barriers that had existed before in some many other areas of day to day life, so did it destroy the barriers that existed in sports betting.

Wagering fans that have grown up during the online betting era must have a difficult comprehending what it was like to try and engage in Super Bowl betting, or bet on the NBA Finals before online betting was available.  But it certainly was more difficult and unavailable to most sports fans -especially those in rural areas.

And Internet wagering not only opened up avenues for betting on sports it also allowed the free and smooth transfer of information which enable sports betting fans an advantage that they never had before.  Nowadays fans look up every kind of sports stat imaginable online.

They can use this information to make better, and smarter, bets on sports.  So not only do sports wagering fans have more access to sports betting lines, but they can also make better bets on sports based on the sea of information available.


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